Learn How to Get Coins on Asphalt 9

The upgrade and purchasing system in Asphalt 9: Legends is quite simple, although they are better understood than practiced. The main purpose is to collect coins (or credits), in order to advance your gameplay.  

Credit points are used to upgrade cars and the higher the class of the car, the more points you have to spend in order to upgrade it. This makes it essential to know how to get coins on Asphalt 9

As long as you are determined to make an effort, using this guide will enable you to understand the two currencies available within the game. Let’s find out how to spend your resources and how to attain more!

Learn How to Get Coins on Asphalt 9

How to Get Coins

One of the best experiences you will ever live in Asphalt 9: Legends is the pleasure of unlocking an S-class car. But this feeling is followed by a certain downside, as you will need a lot of credits so that you can afford the upgrades.

There are many ways to obtain credits for free in Asphalt 9, which will allow you to upgrade your cars faster.

Limited-Time Events

The most efficient way of earning credits is by competing in limited time events. There are Amateur, Advanced, and Expert races available, which will provide you with an easy way of earning the currency.

As long as you can complete a race within the given time, the game will reward you with as much as 50,000 credits for an Amateur race, 100,000 credits for an Advanced race, and 150,000 for an Expert race. 

For each race, you will lose 2 event tickets, but as long as your main priority is earning credits, this will not matter.

Completing Missions 

A certain number of credits are rewarded for every career race you finish.

  • Race 12 in Euro Showdown, Chapter 4 – 2,400 Credits in under a minute.
  • Race 9 in Class A Novice, Chapter 4 – 2,200 Credits in 40 seconds.
  • Race 11 in Super Cars 3, Chapter 4 – 2,400 Credits in 1 minute and 20 seconds.
  • Race 17 in American Extreme, Chapter 3 – 2,100 Credits in 1 minute.

Practicing More for Multiplayer

There are two main factors for which you are rewarded for a multiplayer race. The first being your position, the second being your reputation level. By finishing multiplayer races, you will be able to play a higher league, which will raise your winnings.

Unlocking New Milestones in Your Club

For every milestone reached, you will be rewarded generously. Due to this fact, it is highly suggested to join a Club. Most Clubs require seasonal or daily RP rank.

The best strategy for spending your credit would be not to waste credits on just any cars, as most of the credits will be spent on upgrading the cars you like the most.

Tokens: How to Get Them for Free

Tokens are the premium currency in the game, thus making them harder to obtain. Given this fact, you are expected to spend them thoughtfully. There are two main ways to gather tokens:

Daily Tasks

You can earn 20 tokens daily just by completing your daily basic in-game tasks. The daily in-game tasks consist of your usual tasks, like finishing certain races, drifting, or trick performances. As long as you manage to complete these tasks, you will be able to obtain 20 tokens per day easily.

Climbing the Ladder 

If you manage to win races in the multiplayer ladder, you will be highly rewarded. This would be the most efficient way of earning credits and tokens. For example, the Platinum league reward consists of a car pack, two import part packs, 200,000 credits, and 200 tokens. 

As long as you have the right car, this task should be fairly achievable and should be pursued as it is one of the most rewarding tasks so far.

Learn How to Get Coins on Asphalt 9


This guide should inform you about all there is to know about the two currencies available within Asphalt 9: Legends and should provide you with the best strategy to farm as many credits and tokens as possible in order to improve your garage and fully upgrade your best cars. 

Provided that you are resilient enough throughout the farming process, you could become unstoppable.