Learn How to Get Coins on Habbo

Habbo coins are hard to get. You can buy Habbo coins online through the exchange of real money, or you can receive Habbo coins from other in-game players. 

The real challenge is collecting Habbo coins without buying them with real money. Though difficult, players can earn Habbo coins without paying for them in real life.

Collecting Habbo coins is not that easy. However, players can earn them by following these simple instructions. So let’s take a look at how you can get habbo coins in this fun mobile game!

Learn How to Get Coins on Habbo

Complete Participating Offers and Surveys

The official Habbo website offers a wide range of surveys and even some corporate offers. If completed, these will reward you with the much-desired Habbo coins.

If you would like to do so, you must go to the Habbo official website and access the “Earn Credits” page, which is located right under the “Credits” tab. After you have managed to sign in and pick one of the available offers, you will have to follow the given instructions, which will enable you to earn your Habbo credits.

The page containing credit offers will supply you with a “Support” link. This will help you manage your credit earnings, which will eventually end up in your Habbo profile’s purse.

Play Games For Coins 

The Habbo website features a wide variety of playable games, some of them being official Habbo games, while others are games created by Habbo users. These games are quite enjoyable, while some games offer high stakes. 

The high-stakes games could be a reliable source of earning Habbo coins through consistent winning. It is highly recommended that you give these games a chance, as they can increase your chances of earning coins. 

Some of the games below are great for occasionally getting rewards in the form of Habbo coins.

  • Trivia
  • Bingo
  • Falling Furni
  • Don’t Hit My Wall

Host Games 

Some games can be played without spending any coins at all. Meanwhile, other games that are created by other Habbo users require you to spend a certain amount of Habbo coins.

In order to earn profit from a certain game, there are three ways of price placement within Habbo.

  • P2S (Pay To Stay): A player who has lost the game can pay to keep playing.
  • P2P (Pay To Play): A spectator must pay to join a game that’s in progress.
  • Rev (Revenge): A player pays to make another player of their choice lose.

Sell and Trade Furni

Furni is a term assigned for furniture by Habbos users, being one of the main reasons Habbo users require coins in the first place. Furniture is quite accessible no matter your user’s level score, as it can be bought or sold at any level.

You can easily sell and trade furni for coins with ease.

Play Gabber

“Gabber” is a Habbo game that has the potential to earn you a decent amount of Habbo coins. However, the game’s outcome is solely based on chance

Gabber displays a variety of prizes within a square grid, and the player selects two random numbers from 1 to 6, much like rolling a pair of dice. The player wins the corresponding prize within the given grid.

Participate in a Promotion

In-game coins can be occasionally earned through the participation of certain in-game events. These events come in a wide variety, as some are used to maintain the in-game economy, while others do not fall in any sort of classification.

There are even some games and special contests that could help you earn in-game credit coins. Some of these promotions are available for a limited amount of time, and it is suggested that you keep an eye out for them.

Learn How to Get Coins on Habbo


To sum it all up, coins can be earned through completing surveys, polls, and offers. By clicking here, you will be able to earn credit coins by completing tasks and surveys that are featured on the “Earn Credits” Habbo system.

Alternatively, you could earn Habbo credit through the website’s Watch & Earn section. Go check it out!