GTA V Money Cheats: Learn How To Get

Grand Theft Auto V is an action/adventure game owned by Rockstar Games. The main purpose of the game is to follow three criminals and their attempts to commit heists in an open world design. 

Players who want to have more fun always look for cheats to get more GTA 5 money. That’s evident since GTA 5 and GTA Online force gamers to spend a lot of GTA$. 

Vehicles, more powerful weapons, and stunning properties will cost you, so you must have a significant bank balance to ditch hustling and create your own empire in GTA 5. Learn how to make more GTA 5 money!

GTA V Money Cheats: Learn How To Get

Armored Car Robberies

A blue dot on the GTA 5 map represents an armored car. When you reach the destination and see that the vehicle is parked, just wait. Once a man with a suitcase heads towards it, you should shoot that guy and take the money. You’ll earn between GTA$ 3,000 and GTA$ 8,000.

Another way to earn GTA 5 money from armored cars is to steal the vehicle and drive it into the water so its doors open. Otherwise, plant sticky bombs to the car’s door. However, this will increase your wanted level to three stars.

Armored cars spawn in fixed spots on the map. Five spawn locations are close to each other, and you can find them in downtown Los Santos, near Little Seoul and La Puerta. One is next to Cypress Flats, another one in Vinewood, and one in the vicinity of Paleto Bay. Check out this map for the precise spawning spots.

ATM Robberies

You can take a position near ATMs and wait for someone to come and withdraw money. If you rob NPCs before they go to the ATM, you will only get from GTA$ 10 to GTA$ 20. However, characters that withdraw money from ATMs will carry between GTA$ 30 and GTA$ 120.

Note that Rockstar Games programmed the NPCs to notice you if you act dubiously. On those occasions, they will pass by the ATM, so you will not get much money from them. The best strategy is to keep a low profile, follow the NPC, and rob them after they leave the ATM, carrying more cash.

The rate at which the NPCs go to ATMs differs from one area to another, and it’s not regular. This solution should be used only in urgent circumstances when you need some quick GTA 5 money.

Easy $100,000 Mission

All three protagonists in GTA 5 can access this special mission. However, Franklin has the most chances to get it. When you play as Franklin and walk around his house, a blue point might appear on the map next to Little Bighorn Avenue, in the Southeastern part of Los Santos, in the so-called Ranchi district.

Go there and look for a kid named Gray Nicholson. When you interact with him, he will say that his bike was stolen. Many players don’t know about this trick and leave the area. However, you should retrieve the kid’s bike.

Soon afterward, you’ll receive a message from him telling you he’s a millionaire. You will earn GTA$ 100,000.

Infinite Store Robberies

You can rob Ammu-nation stores in a loop to get more GTA 5 money. That’s possible because the cash in the registers of these ammunition stores respawns rapidly. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to any available Ammu-nation store
  • Kill the clerk with a silenced weapon not to draw attention
  • Open the cash register with a melee attack and empty it
  • Get out and walk about 10 meters on the sidewalk
  • Go back to the store and rob it again because the money has respawned
  • Repeat the action for how many times you like


Lester gives assassination missions, and they can help you win significant amounts of GTA 5 money because you can affect the stock market. We recommend you to finish the primary storyline in GTA 5 and then start completing assassination missions. 

Keep the money earned from The Big Store and purchase as many stocks as possible. Sell them right after the assassination takes place to win a lot of GTA 5 money.

GTA V Money Cheats: Learn How To Get


GTA 5 is one of the best games out there, totaling hundreds of millions of players worldwide. The game is attractive and offers hours of excellent gameplay

Players either participate in missions or roam on the streets of Los Santos. However, you need GTA 5 money to become a true gangster in the city. Applying the tips from above will get you there, and you’ll gain more cash.