How to Get Easy Mobile Banking with the CommBank App

It is probably fair to say that you have already heard about this convenient banking app. Commonwealth Bank is one of Australian banking’s biggest names, boasting more than 1,100 branches and 4,300 ATMs across the world.

They deliver a wide variety of services, including savings accounts, home loans, and investing. In addition, they have won their fair share of Mozo Experts Preference Awards. Clearly, this is a bank that offers trustworthy services.

There’s a reason why this app is one of CommBank’s most successful products and an obvious selection in the 2019 and 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Awards as a back-to-back Excellent Banking App Award winner. To learn more about what this app offers, continue reading below.

How to Get Easy Mobile Banking with the CommBank App
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The Best Features of the CommBank App

Along with allowing you to check your bank account balance, make payments, and easily move between accounts, it comes with a host of other features designed to make your money easier to manage and access.

Although the CommBank app has always stood out for its outstanding design and diverse functionality, there are a few other exceptional features. The spending tracker is an obvious highlight, which gives you a run-down of all the debit and credit card purchases you’ve made. Purchases are grouped into categories (e.g., transportation, grocery stores, utilities), making it one of the largest spending trackers out there.

The app also lets you know where the bulk of your spending goes every month, so you can review your habits and make adjustments as needed. There’s also the option to set a savings goal, with reminders in-app to keep you on track to reach your target. Simply fill in a simple questionnaire about how much you want to save and why.Then, the Commbank app will let you know how much you need to save to get there each week.

You can also make cardless ATM withdrawals of up to $500, with the app. Just pick the ‘Get Cardless Cash’ option in the app and wait for an 8-digit code and a PIN to be sent.  Enter the code at an ATM within 30 minutes and you can withdraw your required amount. You can also make plans for someone else to pick up the cash. This can be handy in many ways, including when a loved one finds themselves stuck without cash.

A recent update also brought in a variety of useful tips to help you stay on top of your finances. When your tax return comes in, for example, the app would allow you to use it responsibly, such as paying down loans rather than making lavish purchases.

It will also warn you if you mistakenly paid a utility bill twice. Even further the app will let you know when the grace period on any subscription services is coming to a close.

Easy Mobile Banking with Commbank App

The new app, called “CommBank App 4.0,” sports new features such as reminders when a subscription payment rises, guidance on what to do with tax return money, warnings about suspicious transactions, and the customers’ ability to monitor the location of their cell phone, allowing CBA to detect suspicious transactions more easily.

Now is a perfect time for Aussie banks to upgrade their mobile offerings, as highly-confident, digitally-engaged Australians are becoming more invested in tech.

Useful features in the Commbank app include the ability to place a temporary lock/hold on your credit/debit card, withdraw money using a cardless system, pay anyone using a mobile number, buy loyalty cards in a digital wallet, and make contactless payments.

The photo-a-bill feature allows you to take a snapshot of your bill using image capture technology, and then add the information you need to tap and pay. 

One of the easiest ways to send money abroad is through mobile. You can send money to a single person with just a mobile number using the CommBank app. To receive the payment, the receiver would simply have to include the collection code, their cell phone number, bank details, and personal information. Such information can be retained to enable potential transactions.

To send money to an overseas account number, log in to the CommBank app, and follow the prompts. To send internationally you will need to include the country of destination and information about the recipient.

How to Get Easy Mobile Banking with the CommBank App
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The only drawback of this app, is that you will need WiFi or data to use it. However, this app offer’s exceptional convenience and ease to its users. Download this app today for smoother and faster banking!