How to Get Free COINS on Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert game is an action game based on free movement that requires manual aiming. The game involves third-person shooters with numerous players. One of the best parts about this game is having housing, farming, fishing, and training experiences on your mobile phone.

Black Desert game involves thrilling castle battles and siege events, while fighting against different opponents. Moreover, this game has in-depth character customization.

If you are interested in action and battle videos, this game provides some of the best experiences. It’s a user-friendly game that comes with a guide to help beginners improve. The primary currency of this game is coins, which help to unlock different gifts. In this guide, we will take a look at how to get free coins while you play.

How to Get Free COINS on Black Desert Mobile
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Black Desert Mobile 

Playing Black Desert will help you enhance your manual aiming, using combos and dodging. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to engage in mounted combat and use combos to fight against your opponents. 


Like many mobile games, the Black Desert game involves several essential features that make it more enjoyable. The most popular features include castle sieging, crafting, training, animal husbandry, fishing, cooking, investment banking, and many more.

You will have a thrilling experience with excellent graphics that create an immersive world for you to explore.

The game is also accompanied by a black spirit that acts like a companion. After installing this game on your mobile, be ready to discover the secret behind the Back Stones and the history of their corrupting effects. The game has robust character creation tools, enabling you to create the character you want.

Black Desert is highly compatible with Android phones.

How to Get Free Coins

For the first time, the Black Desert game is giving away more than 70,000 ancient gold coins. You can find these coins on Gold Gears during the gameplay. All you need to do is participate in completing the Boss Rush, hunting worlds, and ancient ruins.

You can also get these coins from the Pearl Shop store at discounted prices. The daily value box will give you 14 gold coins while the Boss Rush and Tablet Chest gives you about 30 gold coins. You can also get silver coins which are also crucial in the game.

You will use the earned silver coins to update your gear or house. Moreover, these coins will help you buy beer for your workers. Be sure that you fully understand the concept of the game to make more coins.

This game is an online MMORPG, which means there is no shortage of quests. These quests include gathering, exploring, and killing, to name a few. Each activity involves a specific search, and you will win silver and gold coins while you play.

How to Earn More Free Coins

Your workers will also gain reasonable amounts of money which are essential for life skill training. You will need 50 energy, 100,000 silver and a minimum of 10 contribution points, as well as all the beer you can get.

You will then receive up to 500 million silver coins in a week as a reward for your life skills. Fishing also earns you more money. Fishing is a straightforward process for you, and is guaranteed to get you more coins.

Before going fishing, you will need money to purchase the fishing pole and find water. After catching the fish you can cook it and sell them to get money. This app connects you to your daily routine in real life.

Weapon heating is another method that will earn you more money. You will need a clear inventory for the items to be rewarded up to 7.2 million coins in one hour.

How to Get Free COINS on Black Desert Mobile
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Bottom Line

Black Desert is an online game that involves earning silver and gold coins. These coins will help you purchase new workers and new items, and participate in different activities. It is a fun mobile game that involves the use of weapons and various activities including fishing, cooking, and trading. While playing the game, you will earn more money.