How to Get Free CP on Call of Duty Mobile

It is safe to say that Call of Duty is one of the most popular games on the market today. Mobile phones have presented us with the unique ability to enjoy our favorite games at any place and anytime. You no longer need a static console to enjoy your digital games.

With Call of Duty, you now have the ability to ‘answer for duty’ straight from your phone. The game has a number of levels that you have to get through which requires special gear. These gears can be acquired through the game’s Call of Duty points or CPs.

To learn more about Call of Duty Mobile be sure to read on. You can also find out more about the CPs and how to get them for free.

How to Get Free CP on Call of Duty Mobile
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Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty is one of the most legendary games in the 21st Century. As of March of 2019, the developer announced that they successfully generated a mobile version of the game.

The game is a first-person shooter genre and has a number of levels that you have to go through. The game, though announced in March, was officially released to the public in October 2019.

In its first month alone, the game was downloaded 180 million times making it the largest mobile game ever. It offers convenience for fans, allowing you to play anywhere.   

CPs and How to Get Them for Free

There are two types of currencies in use when you play Call of Duty on your mobile phone. The first one is credits and the second is CP, also known CoD points. You can use these points for various purposes in the game, which we will take a look at in this guide.

To earn CPs or CoD points, you’ll have to work hard in order to get them for free. You will, however, have an option to buy the points as well if grinding isn’t your thing.

First, you have to go through battle levels. You can’t get any points if you aren’t going to go through the various levels set in the game. You also have to be at the top of the leader board to earn significant points.

In the first season of Battle Pass, you can win as much as 800 CPs. Every tier that you go through in the season provides you a chance to win points. When you get to tier 93, you’ll get 800 points. The points are spread across the tiers and there are no special promotions on the game.

How to Get Free CP on Call of Duty Mobile
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How CPs Can Help You Play the Game Better

During the game, you’ll have a number of tiers to go through. At times, these tiers require you to have special items that are available in the store. You can use the points to buy the items that you need from the store.

Another thing you can do with the CP is to save them. You are required to buy into the next season when you’re done with the first season of the game. To get the pass you need to use the CP to buy-in.


With over 100 million downloads in the first month of release, this is easily one of the must-have games for your mobile phone. Knowing when and how to use CoD points is one thing, but earning them is another. This simple guide will hopefully show how to get the CP on the Call of Duty mobile without having to spend a single dime on the game.