How to Get Free Gold and Diamonds in Free Fire

If you are looking for a fun game to play on your mobile, Free Fire is an online-only action-adventure game. It is a royal battle game for up to 50 players. 

This game promises lots of fun as the players fall from the parachute onto an island. You will need to use weapons and other equipment in order to kill the other players and win the game. 

During the game, you can collect free diamonds and gold to unlock other weapons and items. This extensive guide will show you exactly to get free gold and diamonds on Free Fire

How to Get Free Gold and Diamonds in Free Fire
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Free Fire Overview

The game begins with the players getting into a plane and flying over the island. You will have to jump with a parachute from different places to take a strategic position and be ready for the enemies. The Island has weapons and equipment to help the players survive.

This game will make you feel part of the mission, which makes it all the more fun. During the game, you must help the players look for medical equipment, weapons, grenades, and other items.

The free diamonds and gold come in handy when purchasing weapons and other utilities. The game is all about survival, and you have to be the last one standing to win the game. The main aim is to survive on the Island by eliminating your opponents.

This game stands out from others because the available safe space of the game`s map decreases in size as time passes. This situation forces the players to move forward and encounter others to start the battle. The last player standing wins that round.

How to Get the Game

To get the Free Fire game, head to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and search for the Garena Free Fire game. The game has more than 500 million downloads, meaning you can play with people from around the world. 

This game is only available online and you must have a reliable internet connection to play the game without any hinges. It boasts high-quality graphics and secure software.

How to Get Free Diamonds and Free Gold in Free Fire

Diamonds and gold in this game are used to purchase exclusive outfits, weapons, vehicles, and characters. 

They are the most significant aspects of the game, and there are many different ways to find them. You can get them directly from the shop or redeem them by completing the Elite Pass missions.

Navigate through the diamond or gold section in the game to purchase these rewards and continue playing.

Top Up

Go to the top-up section in the game and purchase several diamonds. You will buy a minimum of 100 diamonds for $0.99 and a maximum of 5,600 for $49.99. 

After the purchase, you are guaranteed an exclusive reward of free diamonds for the first top-up. The same case goes for gold.

Game Offers

How to Get Free Gold and Diamonds in Free Fire
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Every week of playing Free Fire, you will receive a weekly offer of combined items at discounted prices. Wait for the weekly offers to get diamonds and gold coins for the game. By this time, the estimates are slashed, meaning you will have even more free diamonds and gold.

VIP Membership

Note that while this method isn’t totally free, per se, it does give you a window into opportunities for free diamonds in the future. In a sense, you are paying just a bit to get the perks of bonus and surplus diamonds in the future. 

In this way, you ultimately get diamonds for free. Buy the monthly membership for $7.99 and benefit from getting extra diamonds. Moreover, when you buy the weekly group for $1.99, you will get 60 free diamonds each day of the week. Additionally, when you buy the monthly membership, you immediately get 100 diamonds.

Bottom Line

Diamonds and gold are essential in the Free Fire game since they help you purchase new characters, weapons, and outfits to enhance your survival. 

The Free Fire game involves different challenges. The more diamonds and gold you have, the more items you can purchase. There are many quick and simple ways to get free gold and diamonds.