How to Get Likes on Instagram – Discover the Secret

Millions of people are using Instagram today, and the most prominent currency on the app are the likes. Some take pictures and share with their friends, whereas others have made it into a money-making venture. If you are an influencer or you have an online business, then you might consider having an Instagram page.

Are you worried that you don’t have a big following? Well, thankfully, there are a million ways you can get likes. Plus, if you already have a big following, then your brand will be easily noticed. In a nutshell, the more followers you have, the more likes you get. This will help you promote your business and your brand, hence allowing you to earn more money if that is your goal.

If you are wondering how to get likes on Instagram, the quickest way to do so is by buying them. However, don’t let this discourage you as you will not have to pay a lot for this. However, before we even dig more in-depth on how you can get likes, here are some reasons you need to get more likes on your Instagram page.

How to Get Likes on Instagram - Discover the Secret

Why You Should Increase Your Likes

Increase Web Traffic

Instagram is a very popular social media website, and many companies use it to drive traffic to their sites. Once you buy followers, you will get more organic followers.

There is a lot of competition in the market today. One way to outcompete the others is by increasing your Instagram likes and followers. Small, large, or even medium-sized businesses buy likes and followers to improve their brand image, so you can also do the same.

It Helps to Improve Your Online Presence

Whether it’s promoting your brand, getting more connections, or even getting featured to have more likes, getting new likes is the best way to gain steam of social media. This will, of course, make your brand known and noticed by businesses.

Other reasons why you need to increase your likes include increasing conversations and leads and promoting your product, brand, or service, and so much more. Perhaps you are there wondering what it takes to get more likes, here are some proven way you can increase likes on your Instagram page. Read along with me to find out.

How to Increase Your Likes

Share Realistic Images

Well, you can’t talk about Instagram without mentioning images, so let’s start from there. As you post different images, consider what it is that makes your followers like these images. 

Go back to your old posts, analyze them, and check which ones got more likes and find out why. If you are new on Instagram, check out your competitor’s page and look at the kind of images they post and which ones get more likes. Then, recreate that type of image in your own unique way. 

Consider posting pictures with filters, if you are sharing a photo by itself. On the other hand, if you share one that has already been pre-designed, consider adding an overlay text like a fact or a quote or anything entertaining. We can assure you this will get you more likes than posting a clear image.

Always Use Hashtags and a Call to Action in Captions

If you want likes, ask for them. Just like Twitter, when you want your tweet to be retweeted, you ask for it. You can do so by simply adding a text that says, “please like this post” within the caption. 

When it comes to hashtags, be sure to add at least ten whenever you are publishing an image. You can even add more, but be careful not to exceed twelve as your image will appear spammy, and that is not what you want.

Choose Appropriate Times to Post or Share

Choose the best time to share your posts in order to get more likes. For instance, between 10 pm and 3 am is the best time as people are done with all their chores and ready to check social media for a few minutes. This time also means fewer people are posting, hence less competition, which eventually leads to more interactions.

How to Get Likes on Instagram - Discover the Secret

Reshare Your Post on Other Networks

If you have a big following on other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, share your post. This will, of course, get you more followers and, therefore, more likes. The beauty is, Instagram automatically allows you to share on other sites, which saves you the hassle of having to redo the entire post.

The Bottom Line

Did you know that liking other people’s posts also can increase likes on your page? Yes, no one wants to work with selfish people, and it’s merely a strategy that gets you moving. You can also buy them. Just pay a few dollars, and, within a day or so, you will have hundreds of likes. Try these tips, accompany them with quality images, be consistent in your posts, and you will thank us later.