Learn About the New Snapchat Filters

Social Media has evolved rapidly over the years. It continues to evolve, and bring new and interesting offerings for users. The days are gone when social media was only about messaging and staying connected with friends. 

Be it filters on Instagram or lenses on Snapchat, or even the songs on TikTok, the ability to customize images and videos is the new hallmark for social media platforms. Snapchat first launched in 2011, and then introduced its first filter in 2015. 

Snapchat stays relevant and attracts millions of users thanks to its many filters and lens features. Read on if you want to learn more about some of Snapchat’s new filters and lens features.

Learn About the New Snapchat Filters

The Time Machine

The Time Machine is one of the most interesting new additions to Snapchat. The Time Machine filter embarks the user on a trip through time. The filter makes you look younger or older by coherently transforming all your facial features. 

This filter comes with an easy to use slider. You look like a baby on one end of the slider, and on the other end, you look like an elderly individual. You can move the slider to travel through years and see your face transform. 

Beard Lens and Beard Removal Lens

The Beard Lens and Beard Removal Lens’ are a pair of filters that many Snapchat users have been waiting to use. The Beard Lens lets you grow a stylish stubble on your face instantaneously. 

The Beard Removal Lens, on the other hand, gives you a no-facial-hair, clean-shaven look. Nevertheless, playing with your facial hair has never been easier, and this is a fun filter to use. 

Now you don’t have to let go of your beard for a formal clean-shaven headshot that you have to send for an interview.

Ground Transformation Lenses

Ground Transformation Lenses on Snapchat is a set of lenses that change how the ground appears. Do not underestimate the power of this filter. An altered flooring or grounding can take you to new places, create an illusion, and give your friends a shock. 

For example, if you were to use the Snapchat Ground Transformation filter, you can transform the ground into a huge pit of lava, or a body of water. 

The filter is based on Augmented Reality and Machine learning algorithms, which can identify floor segments through the camera and replace them with lava or water, as desired. 

The Bear Filter

The Bear Filter is the latest addition to Snapchat’s animal-face based set of filters. Other animal filters that you can use with Snapchat are the puppy-face and the rabbit-face filters. 

However, do not write this one off as just another animal-face filter. We must tell you, this one is really addictive, and has the potential to become as popular and likable as the puppy-face filter

Gender Face Swap

If you have been on social media regularly for the past few weeks, you may have come across users posting gender-swapped pics of themselves. The trend has caught up only recently, but Snapchat had introduced the Gender Face Swap filter last year. 

Using this filter, you can turn your male face into that of an adorable woman, and your female face into a handsome hunk. This filter is also powered by advanced Augmented Reality technology. 

Learn About the New Snapchat Filters

The Bottom Line

These were some of the latest additions to the Snapchat list of filters. Playing around with these filters and using them in your own snaps can help you level up your social media game. Snapchat’s list of filters and lenses continue to grow, so be sure to watch out for more.