Learn How to Get PokéCoins in Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO is a fun game designed for you to experience catching Pokémon in the real world with friends. This game will give you an exquisite gaming experience that will leave you stuck for hours on your couch.

After downloading this game, you have to understand its concept and create, as well as customize, your avatar. Your avatar is displayed on the map based on your geographic location. This game also involves the collection of coins, which are the main currency of the game. They will allow you to unlock new items.

You will have to understand the tricks needed to play the game and make more coins. Here is how you can acquire Pokémon Coins and start having more fun playing the game on your mobile device. These coins are the baseline for having more items known as the Lure Modules. Read on to learn more.

Learn How to Get PokéCoins in Pokémon Go
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Game Overview

Your avatar map involves PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms with different Lure Modules that attract more wild, making the game more fun. The Gyms in this game serve as the battle location for the team-based matches.

The game involves violence. You have to be the last character standing to win the game. You will have to move in the real world to find opponents and fight other avatars. Your movement determines the avatar movement; thus, you must be creative. This game will enhance your moves and creativity.

There are different Pokémon species in the game, such as the Water-type Pokémon found near the water. When you encounter a wild Pokémon, you should throw a ball at it. This process is easy, and you have to flick from the bottom of your screen up towards the wild avatar.


You will receive coins during the gameplay after fighting different avatars and battles. Although this game is free, there are in-game ad purchases, which will help you learn more about other Pokémon products.

The game is specifically optimized for smartphones and is highly compatible with Android devices with a 2GB RAM. If you have a 4.4-7.0+ installed version, this is the game for you. It would be best if you had your network connected to obtain accurate GPS location information,

Pokémon GO developers are in the front line creating new experiences for the game. You will move behind objects with reality blending. Moreover, you will contribute to the 3D maps for the PokéStops and Gyms.

How to Download

This game requires you to have an internet connection before you go to the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Moreover, please search for the Pokémon GO game and click on Install or get it. Once installed, the game will be visible on the home screen.

Tap on the game and start having fun with your friends. It’s an easy way to challenge your friends and show them your moves.

How to Get PokéCoins in Pokémon GO

PokéCoins can be used to purchase different items in the Pokémon GO game. They are the primary currency for the game that you can buy with real money. Be careful to avoid various spam sites promising free PokéCoins but are only after information and offer coins that don’t work.

There are two legit ways of getting PokéCoins and start using in the game. The first method is for you to buy them in the shop. The rates differ, but 100 coins cost $0.99, while 14,500 coins cost $99.99. These are standard prices.

The other way involves using Google Play credit for free to purchase PokéCoins. Download the Google option rewards, then open the app to get it started. This process might require you to take an introductory survey, and once you are done, close the app.

Learn How to Get PokéCoins in Pokémon Go
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Go to the Pokémon GO game, and after some time, you will receive notifications asking you to complete your survey and collect the coins.

The other method involves finding a gym and receiving 10 coins for any Pokémon you have in the Gym. You can earn up to 100 coins with this method. These coins will buy you Pokéballs, incense, lure module, egg incubators, nag upgrades, and Pokémon storage upgrades, to name a few.

Bottom Line

Earn as many points as possible to win against other avatars and create a long record in the game. With these tips, you are guaranteed success. Get PokéCoins by buying them or finding the Gym and having as many Pokémon as possible to earn more coins. They are valuable and exceeding, but to buy they are expensive. These tricks will help you win the game and more medals.