Top Apps to Make Grocery Lists

Grocery shopping can feel stressful if you don’t have a list with you. The traditional way of listing items includes pen and paper but you can now upgrade to a mobile app to make trips to the store easier than ever. After all, you are much more likely to forget a paper list than you are to forget your cellphone.

With a mobile app, you can organize your grocery list in a lot of ways. In addition, you can enjoy countless features like meal planning, clipping coupons, and more. Items can be categorized too, so you won’t forget any ingredient on your way through the store.

To help you make grocery trips a lot easier, we’ve rounded up the best apps to make grocery lists. These apps save you time and ensure nothing gets left behind. By the time you arrive at the grocery store, you can easily view the list and check out in no time. 

Top Apps to Make Grocery Lists

List Ease

There are times when family members forget to ask you to buy supplies they need, i.e. snacks and other essentials. If this is the case and you don’t want to text everyone what they need, you can simply use List Ease to collaborate on a shopping list

List Ease is a simple checklist app that lets users create a shopping list or to-do list, and share it with family and friends. Once lists are shared with family members, anyone can edit and add items to the list so you can buy everything at once.  

The best feature of this app is creating a stock list in your kitchen so you can be reminded of what items you have at home. List Ease is free for iOS and Android devices

Our Groceries

If you want a simple and clean grocery list, Our Groceries is the best app to use. The grocery list you create can be synced and accessed to any device and even a computer. Family members can edit the shopping list at the same time, making the process more productive.

The lists can also be checked off on your Apple Watch, which is totally awesome. Aside from lists, you can also add photos to avoid buying the wrong items at the store. Finally, the app also allows users to create lists based on recipes

Our Groceries has a free version for iOS and Android but the premium version costs $4.99


One of the most highly rated apps to use for creating grocery lists is AnyList. The app automatically organizes items as you type them in, and syncs to different connected devices in real-time. Each item has notes to indicate the quantity, brand, coupons, etc. 

Additionally, you can reorder categories to match the layout of your local store. Items can also be saved as favorites to easily add to any shopping list. Finally, you can also share your list with family and friends for easy collaboration. Notifications are also provided when lists are modified. 

AnyList is free for iOS and Android devices

Top Apps to Make Grocery Lists

The Bottom Line

Making a grocery or shopping list is incredibly easy using a mobile application. Because everything’s organized according to a category or recipe, you can buy everything you need at once. Download and try these apps to make shopping at the grocery store easier.