DVD Ripping


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What is a DVD rip?

A DVD rip is just like it says, a rip of a DVD movie. When ever we talk about a DVD rip we usually talk about a vcd witch is ripped of from a DVD movie.


Do I need a DVD player to watch these movies?

No you don’t. You can just watch these movies with a normal pc. You can also watch these movies with a player-player but that is explained further-on.

What do I need to watch a DVD rip?

First you must know that a DVD rip is the same as a vcd. Of course there are some different but those are explained further-on. To watch a DVD rip you need a pc with the following specifications:

  • Minimum processor : P166
  • Memory : 24Mb or greater
  • Soundcard : 16bit or greater
  • Videocard : 2mb or greater
  • Cd-Rom : 2 speed or greater
  • Operating System : An OS with a mpeg player (Windows has for example the Media player)

How do I play a DVD rip?

There are a couple of ways to watch a DVD rip. If you know how to watch a vcd, a DVD rip is usually the same. If you don’t know how to watch a vcd/DVD rip here is explained how to do that: Insert the DVD rip in to your cd-rom drive, launch the media player (version 6.4 or greater is the best to watch movies full screen (www.microsoft.com) for the latest version). Open a file and browse to you cd-rom drive. Got the directory mpegav. Select that you would see all files. Then you will see 1 or more .dat files. These are the files that you can open and view. In order to see them all, you must open them one by one. If you want to view them all by just pressing play, you can download a vcd-player.
When you have a dvd-rom, you can play a DVD rip just the way you can a normal dvd.


Can I play a DVD rip in a standalone DVD player?

If you have a DVD player under your tv-set and it supports the Vcd 2.0 Standard, you can watch a DVD rip on you DVD player.

I insert a DVD rip into my DVD player, but it doesn’t play!

When people make a DVD rip/vcd, they just cant burn the file on to a disc and say it is a vcd. There must be special files/tracks on a vcd in order to play it in a DVD player. If you want to check if it is possible to play a vcd/DVD rip in your DVD player, insert it in to a cd-rom and check if the listing of the cd looks like this:

Volume in drive G is CD Freaks

Volume Serial Number is 5896B-3EFD

Directory of G:

CDI 01-15-00 8: 48a CDI

EXT 01-15-00 8: 48a EXT

MPEGAV 01-15-00 8: 48a MPEGAV

VCD 01-15-00 8: 48a VCD

0 file(s) 0 bytes

4 dir(s) 0 bytes free

If it looks like this, it is most likely that it is a vcd with the 2.0 Standard. If you insert it into your player it will most likely start playing right away.

I don’t have a dvd-set but I want to press play and not open all these files. Is it possible?

Yes it is, just download a vcd-play from the internet. Usually you install it, insert a DVD rip and just hit play!

Can I watch the movies on my tv?

Yes it is possible, BUT, you can only watch them if you have:

1) A dvd-rom set in you pc with a mpeg-card. You have a dvd-set and can watch dvd’s on your tv, you can watch DVD rips the same way on your tv

2) If you have a videocard which has the tv-out option, you can watch the movies the same way that you play games on your tv.

A dvd is usually 4 gb. How many cd’s will a DVD rip be, and how is it possible?

A DVD rip is mostly 2 cd’s. The reason that this is possible is ofcourse some lost of quality. But, since the original is of great quality the rip is also. The quality of a DVD rip cannot be compared to a screener vcd. The quality is ten times higher than a screener. The video data rate is 1150kb/ps. Just for the info.

And what about the sound?

The sound is of course also ripped from the dvd, and is in Dolby Surround. Just hook it up to a Dolby receiver and blast away.

On a dvd there is choice of language and subtitles. Is that in the DVD rip as well?

No, the DVD rip is just the way the ripper made it. Usually it is without subtitles and in the normal English language. Even when you put it in a DVD player you cannot choose a language or subtitel.

This all sounds great, is there no bad thing about a DVD rip?

Actually no, the only thing that might not be fun to you is that most of the movies on dvd are in wide screen. This cannot be disabled in a rip. So if the dvd is in wide screen released, the rip will be released with the wide screen black bars.

The other thing is that DVD rips aren’t the fastest way to see a new movie. Cams / Telesyncs / Screeners , are always faster, but a DVD rip is worth the waiting. It’s the quality that counts.

Where can I get DVD rips?

As always you can find them in the CD Freaks dealer section (where available)

This DVD FAQ is exclusively created for CD Freaks and may not be used on other sites. It is written by a very experienced DVD ripper that wishes to stay anonymous. If you still have questions them mail to info@cdfreaks.com and we will make sure he gets them.