First Look: Labelflash™


Designing and writing Label (Label-side):

As mentioned
earlier, we will use Nero Burning ROM to test the Labelflash™ technique
with, and so far the version number ‘ NEC” is the only version capable of
supporting Labelflash™ for the time being.

Let us begin
with clicking the Labelflash™ icon on the Nero Burning ROM symbol

A new screen
will pop-up and we are ready to start our design:

We made a
quick and simple design, and selected Highest print quality, selectable modes
are: Fast, Medium, Highest and Custom.

Under the
custom mode you can adjust some settings of your own choice:

There are:
Contrast level (1-100) and the Rotation/Encoding Speed (Default, 7875 rpm, 4500
rpm and 2250 rpm).

Now that we
have looked at the custom settings, let us go back to the other settings, in
this case the Highest print quality option and hit burn.

At the point
where the progress bar reached 50% the remaining time suddenly showed 00:00 min.

As we can see
the total burning time and the ‘guessed” time differ by only 25

But let us
take a look at the finished result:

As the Label
(printing) side is very shiny, it was hard to make any good photos of the real
quality that is visible to the human eyes.

On the next
page we will make a label of the data