First Look: Labelflash™


Designing and writing Label (Data-side):

For the data
side tests, we will burn ordinary DVD-R media. Let us first take a look at the
media we will use.

As we can see
from the above screenshots, the media we used was Philips branded DVD-R
(MCC03RG20) manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemicals. (Thanks to SVP UK for
providing this media).


We will now
design our label for use on the data side of the disc. We will keep the design
simple since this is the data side of the disc.

As before, the
label editor opens with a blank label ready for us to add our own text and

From the
screenshot above we can see we added some simple graphics and text to our

For our first
test we selected the ‘highest” quality setting, and then clicked on ‘Burn” to
start the label burning process.

A warning then
popped up telling us if we proceeded we would not be able to burn any further
data to our disc.

With the
highest quality selected the burn process took 23 minutes and 52 seconds to
complete. Below we can see the resulting image:

Highest quality

To the naked
eye the result is excellent, and as we can see from our scanned image, both the
text and graphics are easy to read.

We then ran
the test again this time selecting ‘medium” quality. The results can be found

This time the burn process
completed in 16 minutes and 5 seconds.

Medium quality

Once again the
result is good. To the naked eye the disc has less contrast than the disc burned
at the ‘highest” quality.

We once again
run the test, this time selecting the ‘Fast” option.

As we can see
the burn process completed in 6 minutes and 10 seconds. But now let’s take a
look at the result.


To the naked
eye and our scanned image, we can see the contrast and resulting quality is not
as good as the ‘medium” or ‘highest” quality settings, but as we can see, the
‘Fast” option still produced a good result.

DATA and

For this test
we combine both data and a label on the data side of the disc.

We first
burned 1.9 gigabyte of data to our DVD-R media using Nero Burning

Once the data
burning had completed we opened our label editor once more.

Once we opened
our editor, we can see we have a blank label. This time however, we can see that
Nero has detected there is already data on the disc, and only the empty part is
available for writing our label.

We quickly
designed a simple text message for our test.

Now it was
time to burn our text message to our disc. We chose ‘Highest”

Because the
area to be burned was much smaller this time, the burn process completed much
faster. And as we can see, the entire process completed in 7 minutes and 39
seconds. We can see the result below.

To the naked
eye the result is excellent, and from our scanned image we can see the text
message is clearly visible and easy to read.

Read back

For a final
test on the data side of the disc, we decided to test if our combined data and
label disc could be read back on a non Labelflash™ drive.

For this test
we used the NEC ND-3540A drive and Nero CD-DVD Speed to read back our

As we can see,
the drive had no problem in reading back our combined data and label

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