Autonomous Vehicles: Predictions for Coming Years

Technology is part of our daily lives, and the world has made great strides in the evolution of technology. 

Mobile phones, laptops, and smart TVs have been created, but one thing we still depend on is the car we drive. 

The implementation of autonomous vehicles in the years to come is envisaged. Read on to learn more about what stage the projects are in, as well as when we can benefit from these machines.

Autonomous Vehicles: Predictions for Coming Years

What Is An Autonomous Vehicle?

An autonomous vehicle can drive itself under particular conditions. However, the driver can still intervene at any time if needed. 

You have to bear in mind the fact that some vehicles can be partially autonomous. According to this, there are six different automation levels

Level 0 implies that there is no automation at all.

Level 1 implies the fact that only some acceleration tasks are being performed by the car itself, without human intervention. 

Level 2 consists of using the autopilot system that can be found in Tesla vehicles. 

Level 3 is an intermediary step because it is still necessary for the driver to intervene in certain situations, such as when there is a traffic jam or unfavorable weather conditions. 

Level 4 requires driver intervention only in specific weather conditions. Level 5 consists of full automation, no matter what. However, carmakers tell us that we will drive autonomous vehicles that are still at level 3 or 4.

Level 5 still remains only theoretical. 

Why Are Autonomous Vehicles So Popular Nowadays?

The automotive industry is far ahead of the task when it comes to implementing and testing autonomous cars at different levels. In addition to being smart and fashionable and, therefore, boosting sales, enhanced road safety is what underpins the need for autonomous cars. 

One appealing feature of completely autonomous vehicles is, of course, the fact that accidents might reduce considerably. 

Another aspect that drives the demand for autonomous cars is that they will also reduce pollution. Many cars nowadays use oil, which will not be the case anymore. 

Lastly, everyone would enjoy having a car that drives itself! All you need to do is sit comfortably and wait to get to the destination. 

What Are The Predictions For Coming Years?

Most of the predictions stated that 2020 is the year for autonomous vehicles. However, as of today, carmakers state that we still have a long way to go

Some experts believe that we will be able to produce fully autonomous cars within 12 years, but this seems to be unlikely, as we have not developed the necessary technology yet.

What Companies Will Produce Autonomous Vehicles?

Many car producers have discussed these vehicles, but they have not produced a model that can be used on the streets. Companies like Ford, Hyundai, Honda, and Toyota discussed the problem of autonomous cars, but, up to the present, they only have projects on these concepts. 

BMW said that they would produce this type of car by the end of 2021, but the most likely company to produce these cars is Tesla. 

They have also announced that they will create autonomous cars by 2021. Most of these cars have a partially autonomous system, like autopilot, but we will not likely see a completely autonomous system for ten years or even more.  

Are These Vehicles Safe?

Yes, you will say that you cannot completely trust a computer, but this situation is different. If we all use these types of vehicles, we will be safer as the new autonomous vehicles will be specially programmed to avoid collisions and accidents that arise due to human error

Another advantage of these cars is pollution reduction. Autonomous cars will be completely electric, so they will not use oil anymore. That being said, we still have to actually see and test such cars in order to have a complete view of the risks and benefits

Autonomous Vehicles: Predictions for Coming Years


Creating autonomous vehicles in the next year or so might not happen, since we are still lacking the necessary technology. 

Various questions arise when it comes to safety, but if it comes to the use of such vehicles, it will certainly decrease the number of road accidents. All that we have to do is to wait and hope for the best!