Kia Sportage – How to Order

The a bold stance and a rebellious appearance, the new features in the redesigned 2020 KIA Sportage automobile will complement your active lifestyle. This new SUV is currently retailing at $27,795 CAD. 

If you are looking to change your car, then this vehicle should be on your radar. Plus, the process of ordering one is pretty easy. We will give you this procedure later on. The new KIA can seat up to five people and has a greatly improved appearance.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to buy a car. In fact, in most cases, you can do the whole process online. In this review, we take a look at the KIA Sportage car and how you can order it online. 

Kia Sportage - How to Order
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How to order the car in Canada

If you live in Canada, getting your hands on the new KIA Sportage is pretty easy. All you have to do is log on to the company website, and scroll down to check on the car you want to buy.

The website provides options for you to choose the dealer you want and book for a test drive, before ironing out all the other details for buying a new car.

Features of the KIA Sportage car

The Interior

The car comes in chrome, leather, and premium cabin materials that makes it feel very luxurious for people who are looking for class.

The Cargo Space

The KIA has a lot of cubic space that measures 30.7 feet. This is the space behind the rear seats. It can go up to 60.1 feet with the seats folded down when you are looking for more space. Both of these are a little lower compared to the industry standards, but they are enough for most people.

Internet Access

The standard features of the KIA Sportage includes an eight-inch touch screen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, plus a USB port for you to charge all of your devices. The Navigation system is also available on the car and a wireless charging port.

There is a second USB port and an eight speaker sound system for you to enjoy some good music while driving in the car. Additionally, there is a satellite radio as well. 

The Engine

The car engine is strong enough and has a 2.4-liter, four cylinder engine that is able to produce up to 181 horsepower. The SX turbo rims come with a 240 horsepower and are turbo charged. 

The base engine has an adequate performance and can hold its own when you are on the highway cruising around. But if you are looking for a very brisk acceleration, you should go for the SX Turbo together with its turbocharged engine.

Gas and Mileage

What we can say about the KIA Sportage is that it is a little thirsty. The SUV has an estimated EPA of 23 mpg while in the city and around 30 mpg while on the highway. It is also equipped with an all-wheel drive.

The Sportage turbocharge helps with fuel economy and has an estimated 20/28 drop while in the city or the highway. 

The Ride and Handling

This car is gentle and well composed on the road. It strikes a very nice balance between sportiness and comfort. There are just a few flaws that are transmitted to the cabin and, although it is not as agile as other cars in the market, it feels very confident while tackling the turns and twists and is extremely composed.

The front wheel drive also comes with an all-wheel drive standard.

Kia Sportage - How to Order
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You may be wondering how reliable this car is. It is pretty reliable and has a stellar predicted rating of around 4.5 out of 5. It also comes with a 5-year warranty and a 10-year warranty for 100,000 miles.