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We compare a typical Solid State Disk (OCZ Agility 60GB) against a high end consumer Hard Disk (Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB) with some tedious everyday tasks. This PC has been in use for almost 4 months since installing the OS and has quite a lot of software installed, including Windows XP mode and ~100 portable applications in a folder on the SSD.
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Copy Protections

As we all know it is ILLEGAL to copy commercial CDs and sell them...It is however NOT illegal to copy them for personal backup! That's why it is useful to know that CDs can be protected in several ways. Just to make sure that you can not make any illegal copies. On this page we want to explain u a bit more about the various copy-protections that are on the market and what you can do to by-pass them.
Tablets are the most recent hype in the world of electronics, and many prototypes have been introduced and reviewed, but the one everyone was really waiting for was the tablet developed by Apple. On February 27, 2010, Apple finally introduced it: the iPad. The expectations were high but the response after the introduction was tepid and many people were disappointed.
Here are 10 reasons why Blu-ray will become a success, wheter you like it or not.
Great article about ripping DVD's by the DVD ripping group TeRaX.
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