We at CDFreaks would like to present an exclusive 1st look at the latest drive from BenQ the DW1640. At the time this article was written, the BenQ DW1640 was available for sale in Germany '“ meaning we got hold of one before the official launch.
CDFreaks presents a series of Questions and Answers with people working in the Electronics industry. This week we post the answers to your questions asked from Luis Fernandez, Sales Director for MSI.
Cinavia is a copy protection that has been introduced to all recent Blu-ray players and prevents you from playing personal backups. In this article we discuss what it does, how it works, and what you can do to bypass it.
Most people who take photos with a compact will want to be able to simply pull out their camera, but here are some tips to prepare yourself better!
The DVD format/war between DVD+RW and DVD-RW is currently ongoing, but there are developments that show that one of the formats is in the winning mood.
As more networks put crazier and crazier limitations on internet accessible television, customers will continue to adapt. And that's bad.
Today we post the answers to the questions we've send to Hitachi and which were asked by both us and the community. Curious for the answers? Read on!
We have just seen the first 12x DVD-writers appearing in stores, and here we have it; the first 16X DVD-Writer! Big thanks to BenQ for sending out an early pre-release drive of their upcoming DW1600A DVD-Writer. This is not a finished product yet and the full specifications are just released. So in this short preview we will only take a look at how fast 16x speed is and look at how the writing quality is at 16x. And we will of course answer the question everyone has: Will any 8x DVD+R media work at 16x?
Interview with the Marketing Manager of Lite-On IT
CD Freaks decided to attend this years Consumer Electronics Show and visited with many different manufacturers and content providers. If you would like to stay up to date on the exciting future that lies ahead for us in the world of optical drive storage and related technologies, this is the article for you!
Check out the new SanDisk MP3 players on our video report, and see what's new.
The CeBIT exhibition held in Hannover, Germany, is one of the most important locations to meet the companies we talk about during the year. So as in years past, CD Freaks made visiting this exhibition a priority. Read here what we have seen and what the companies had to say
These are the settings you must do in order to install the Dvd to Mpeg Squeezer and Panasonic Plugins. By BIGPLUTER
"Cactus" attempts to stop us from ripping audio Cd's by adding bursts of noise that are only concealed by the Reed-Solomon error-correction system in conventional Cd players. . There really is no reason at all that we have to depend on real-time Solomon-Reed error correction. A good efficient software plug in should be able to fix the bursts of noise at a similar rate to making an actual mp3; depending on each one of our Pc's capability. Please read the article & post your comments as well.
In this article we're going to take a look at some of the software packages that are available today with which you can copy your DVD movies. We'll take a look at the produced video quality of each software package and at how much time the software needs to accomplish its task.
More information about SafeAudio, and what you can do to bypass it...