Everything about spyware
How many times have I wanted to record a T.V. show using DivX;-) technology but found it to be so time consuming & involve so many steps. This goes out to the brilliant writer of code, or 'programmer" if you will: please write us all an automated DivX;-) recorder. Read on...
More information on Cdrdao, a small application that is able to write RAW DAO
How to recover data on a damaged CD
Article that explains how Copy Protection scanners work.
These are the settings you must do in order to install the Dvd to Mpeg Squeezer and Panasonic Plugins. By BIGPLUTER
This FAQ will tell you how to copy a full DVD movie onto one disk, with excellent video quality and sound, by BIGPLUTER
a brief CloneCD overview
What to do when Napster is gone...
An interview with the creator of the famous program Clone CD. All the ins and outs are in here


Great FAQ by Paus with everything you need to know about iso's.

DVD Ripping

More general info about DVD ripping. A DVD rip is just like it says, a rip of a DVD movie. So if you want to know anything about that... check it out!
Great article about ripping DVD's by the DVD ripping group TeRaX.

DVD Information

A lot of people have heared about DVD. But not many people do really know where it stands for. DVD is sold as the follow up for the CD. But DVD can store much more data on the DVD discs. This means that there are more things possible with these disc's. On this page we will tell you about DVD discs, DVD players and about the areacodes. Also we will bring you information on DVD-RAM that should enable you to copy DVD discs...


If you're interested in copying PSX (Playstation) CD's, you should check this FAQ. It contains methods to copy PSX cd's with many different recording software. Also information about protections can be found here.

Safedisc Copy Info

Here you can find some more solutions to copy SafeDisc protected games without the Laxity crack. These solutions are provided by our visitors and are not proven to work on any system. It is however worth a try