ADATA launches its enterprise SSD series – The SX1000L

ADATA has launched its enterprise grade of SSDs tailored for server applications, the SX1000L 100GB and 200GB. The series features the SandForce SF-2281 SSD processor, MLC NAND and are capable of delivering up to 550MB/s read and 340MB/s write.

OakGate and Myce announce partnership to test and review SSDs

We’re proud to announce a partnership with OakGate Technology. This company develops test equipment for (enterprise) SSD vendors and with our partnership comes the opportunity to use their test equipment. This means that besides the most thorough and extensive consumer level SSD reviews as you’re used to from us, you can now also expect the most extensive and thorough enterprise SSD reviews. Of course this will also pave the way for articles where we can compare consumer and enterprise level performance and explain which kind of drive is suitable for which situation.

Android MK809 II TV dongle review

The MK809 II is an Android powered device that effectively turns any TV (with HDMI input) into an advanced Smart TV, with access to a huge range of Android apps such as on Google Play. How well does it stream HD video, display web pages, etc.? Find out in the review.

SimCity hacked for offline play, DRM to blame for disaster?

The latest version of SimCity which was made practically unplayable since soon after its launch could have been avoided after a Reddit user “AzzerUK” claims to have been able to successfully mod the game to work without any Internet checks.

BitTorrent launches private P2P based Dropbox alternative

BitTorrent Inc. has developed a new free application that securely syncs folders between multiple devices like Dropbox, but works totally independent of third party servers and encrypts data using an encryption key only known to the user.