Following unpopular user interface tweaks and price hikes, some outspoken critics may have angrily quipped that Netflix is run by a bunch of monkeys. Turns out they're half right.
Select moviegoers could soon have an additional stop to make before finding seats in crowded auditoriums. After standing in line for concessions and hitting the restroom (not necessarily in that order), they'll also have the option to feed money to a 3D glasses vending machine. But with 3D ticket sales all over the place this summer, will customers bite?
Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes recently spoke with FastCompany about the company's current issues, strong points, and long-term business goals. Also in the interview, Keyes describes why he admires Netflix but still think the economy is a culprit in the company's struggles.
The OPEN Act, introduced by Rep. Darrell Issa and supported by Rep. Ron Wyden, received support from the same Internet businesses that spoke out against previous anti-piracy legislation. MPAA Executive Vice President Michael O' Leary, however, wasn't satisfied. The trade group boss last month called the bill's proposal to place the burden for shutting down foreign rogue sites on the International Trade Commission a big mistake. This week, O'Leary once again slammed the OPEN Act, saying it "falls significantly short" of meaningful anti-piracy legislation.
Despite peer-to-peer piracy and other overblown threats of competition, the movie industry has seen record box office ticket sales from 2007 to 2009 -- and 2010 is expected to be even better yet.
Netflix contest winner confirmed.
Netflix has experienced a tumultuous year of price hikes, stock drops and one million customers waving goodbye, but the company remains the top instant video streaming service for a reason. According to Corporate Communications VP Steve Swasey, it's all about the advertising.
The lure of 3D movies on the big screen has helped generate interest among new audience members, but faces numerous difficulties that need to be addressed.
Xbox 360 owners with paid Xbox Live Gold accounts and existing subscriptions to Comcast's Xfinity, HBO GO and can now access the trio's programming directly through their consoles.
A press conference espousing the perceived perils of the controversial PROTECT IP bill hosted by the Internet Society and the Center for Democracy and Technology on Thursday morning in Washington, D.C. has already drawn criticism from the Motion Picture Association of America, which promptly issued a statement arguing that the points of view presented by the event's speakers were flawed.
For the second time in one year, Blockbuster has warned that it may have to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
Microsoft launched its brand new Xbox 360 dashboard late Tuesday night after a last-minute delay, adding Kinect voice search, cable TV support and enhanced social networking options to an already impressive suite of online features. The goal, said the company, is jump-starting "the future of TV" with a video game console. Neither Nintendo's Wii nor Sony's PlayStation 3 has come this close.
Companies looking to offer movie and TV content to viewers directly in the living room have a few different viable options available. As DVD sales decline, the obvious choice is streaming content via Web-connected electronics, set-top boxes, and game consoles, even though some companies struggle to find ways to expand their reach.
A new streaming service has joined the league of online streaming platforms that already includes some big names like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others. If you are a TV buff or film fanatic, the launch of the Disney...
Prepare for a sudden jolt to the price of 3D movie tickets, as theater chains try to cash in on the trend.
Western Digital has announced new apps and features for its relatively unsung WD TV Live streaming media player, chief among them VUDU's collection of digital movie rentals. Several other paid and free on-demand services, including SnagFilms, XOS College Sports, SEC Digital Network, Comedy Time and Watch Mojo, were also added to the set-top box's growing roster this week.