Following unpopular user interface tweaks and price hikes, some outspoken critics may have angrily quipped that Netflix is run by a bunch of monkeys. Turns out they're half right.
Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes recently spoke with FastCompany about the company's current issues, strong points, and long-term business goals. Also in the interview, Keyes describes why he admires Netflix but still think the economy is a culprit in the company's struggles.
Select moviegoers could soon have an additional stop to make before finding seats in crowded auditoriums. After standing in line for concessions and hitting the restroom (not necessarily in that order), they'll also have the option to feed money to a 3D glasses vending machine. But with 3D ticket sales all over the place this summer, will customers bite?
Netflix has experienced a tumultuous year of price hikes, stock drops and one million customers waving goodbye, but the company remains the top instant video streaming service for a reason. According to Corporate Communications VP Steve Swasey, it's all about the advertising.
Netflix contest winner confirmed.
The OPEN Act, introduced by Rep. Darrell Issa and supported by Rep. Ron Wyden, received support from the same Internet businesses that spoke out against previous anti-piracy legislation. MPAA Executive Vice President Michael O' Leary, however, wasn't satisfied. The trade group boss last month called the bill's proposal to place the burden for shutting down foreign rogue sites on the International Trade Commission a big mistake. This week, O'Leary once again slammed the OPEN Act, saying it "falls significantly short" of meaningful anti-piracy legislation.
Despite peer-to-peer piracy and other overblown threats of competition, the movie industry has seen record box office ticket sales from 2007 to 2009 -- and 2010 is expected to be even better yet.
CDFreaks speaks with Forrester Research regarding 3D technology.
The controversial PROTECT IP bill languished on Capitol Hill, but a new proposal could take up its cause. HR 3261, or the Stop Online Piracy Act, will "promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation by combating the theft of U.S. property" and allow the U.S. Attorney General to go after foreign sites engaging in copyright infringement.
The costly 3D TVs are not selling, the 3D movie tickets are being passed up for cheaper 2D ones, and the poor quality of most 3D film conversions have caused the overused three dimensional fad to drop off significantly.
In the weeks leading up to the debut of the highly-anticipated third Transformers flick "Dark of the Moon," analysts, experts and Hollywood itself painted the Michael Bay blockbuster as a sort of last stand for 3D. Interest in the medium was already cited as declining, so many reasoned that without a stalwart success this summer the downward spiral would continue unabated. Was "Transformers 3" in 3D a success? Basically, yes. Did it renew interest in 3D films? Maybe.
It certainly has been a painful struggle to watch. After months of delaying the seemingly inevitable, Blockbuster filed paperwork in the Southern District of New York Court Thursday morning to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Online streaming giant Netflix held a First Quarter 2011 meeting on Monday and unveiled healthy numbers that support its growing popularity: over 3 million new subscribers in 2011 so far. Following the fiscal merrymaking, an email Q&A provided investors an opportunity to broach future issues facing the company, such as: 'What exactly is going on with DISH Network and Blockbuster? Will they compete with Netflix?' Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had an answer.
Ditching the illegal but keeping the free, infamous Swedish torrent depot The Pirate Bay announced on Monday an initiative dubbed "The Promo Bay" to help new and struggling musicians and filmmakers. The ongoing contest will offer the site's own home page to lucky winners.
Transactional video on-demand continues to be an attractive option for home entertainment buffs according to new research by IHS iSuppli. Surprising no one, Apple maintained its virtual stranglehold of online movie sales with iTunes. However, that's not to say there were no major shake-ups to the leaderboard. Sony's PlayStation Store swapped spots with the up-and-comer Vudu while Amazon struggled.
Electronics retailer Best Buy plans to offer 99-cent digital movie rentals through CinemaNow, as the company looks to pack into the increasingly crowded home entertainment market.