Select moviegoers could soon have an additional stop to make before finding seats in crowded auditoriums. After standing in line for concessions and hitting the restroom (not necessarily in that order), they'll also have the option to feed money to a 3D glasses vending machine. But with 3D ticket sales all over the place this summer, will customers bite?
Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes recently spoke with FastCompany about the company's current issues, strong points, and long-term business goals. Also in the interview, Keyes describes why he admires Netflix but still think the economy is a culprit in the company's struggles.
The OPEN Act, introduced by Rep. Darrell Issa and supported by Rep. Ron Wyden, received support from the same Internet businesses that spoke out against previous anti-piracy legislation. MPAA Executive Vice President Michael O' Leary, however, wasn't satisfied. The trade group boss last month called the bill's proposal to place the burden for shutting down foreign rogue sites on the International Trade Commission a big mistake. This week, O'Leary once again slammed the OPEN Act, saying it "falls significantly short" of meaningful anti-piracy legislation.
Despite peer-to-peer piracy and other overblown threats of competition, the movie industry has seen record box office ticket sales from 2007 to 2009 -- and 2010 is expected to be even better yet.
Netflix contest winner confirmed.
Netflix has experienced a tumultuous year of price hikes, stock drops and one million customers waving goodbye, but the company remains the top instant video streaming service for a reason. According to Corporate Communications VP Steve Swasey, it's all about the advertising.
Following unpopular user interface tweaks and price hikes, some outspoken critics may have angrily quipped that Netflix is run by a bunch of monkeys. Turns out they're half right.
It's been six months since Best Buy announced plans to open an online video store, and now the retailer is finally ready.
Western Digital has announced new apps and features for its relatively unsung WD TV Live streaming media player, chief among them VUDU's collection of digital movie rentals. Several other paid and free on-demand services, including SnagFilms, XOS College Sports, SEC Digital Network, Comedy Time and Watch Mojo, were also added to the set-top box's growing roster this week.
The way people consume media is changing. How to best address distribute media is the challenge facing film studios and production companies. Making new movies readily (and quickly) available via Video On Demand is one way to satisfy viewers. In recent years we've watched streaming content explode in popularity while more conventional avenues crumble. The companies which evolve and adapt reap the rewards, while those that drag their feet or resist the digital departure are left in the dust. DirecTV is one company that's decided it wants to change with the times, not play catch-up.
The Walt Disney franchise is known for its family-family films and even more for heart-warming stories. Despite the numerous Disney film stories that the franchise has created, there’s no denying that some of these movie adaptations have true stories...
As anti-piracy efforts continue, so too does the number of people sued by movie studios and record labels. A chart which purports to count the number of U.S. residents named as "John Does" in illicit file-sharing lawsuits is closing it on a new milestone. And with PROTECT IP not completely off the table, the number may continue to rise.
Content -- or lack thereof -- is one of the major concerns people have with adopting 3D in the home, so Panasonic's out to prove it's not an issue by bundling 3D Blu-ray movies with its television sets.
A years-long decline in the home video retail market will continue and worsen unless the newly-minted digital locker system Ultraviolet picks up steam, said an analyst at research company IHS. According to the firm, spending on disc-based movies and TV shows has fallen by billions in the past seven years to land at the current $9.9 billion figure.
Online streaming giant Netflix held a First Quarter 2011 meeting on Monday and unveiled healthy numbers that support its growing popularity: over 3 million new subscribers in 2011 so far. Following the fiscal merrymaking, an email Q&A provided investors an opportunity to broach future issues facing the company, such as: 'What exactly is going on with DISH Network and Blockbuster? Will they compete with Netflix?' Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had an answer.
Five nations have been singled out by U.S. lawmakers who say the specified countries have showed little effort to stifle widespread piracy.