It just got a bit more difficult to watch illegally downloaded Blu-ray movies on the Sony PS3. Sony appears to have pushed a firmware update, which includes Cinavia DRM protection, to PS3 consoles.
In the weeks leading up to the debut of the highly-anticipated third Transformers flick "Dark of the Moon," analysts, experts and Hollywood itself painted the Michael Bay blockbuster as a sort of last stand for 3D. Interest in the medium was already cited as declining, so many reasoned that without a stalwart success this summer the downward spiral would continue unabated. Was "Transformers 3" in 3D a success? Basically, yes. Did it renew interest in 3D films? Maybe.
The success James Cameron's 3D blockbuster "Avatar" enjoyed in theaters becomes doubly apparent when you measure the performance of other 3D fare against it and consider research group IHS has included the film's title in an almost-scientific term to describe just why this year's total box office sales are down year-over-year. The "post-Avatar effect" may not sound like something you'd see in a professional journal, but as an explanation for a foundering global theater biz it makes perfect sense.
We've been hearng about the possibility of premium Hulu for almost a year, but the online video site may finally have a subscription service in place by the end of May.
Netflix has experienced a tumultuous year of price hikes, stock drops and one million customers waving goodbye, but the company remains the top instant video streaming service for a reason. According to Corporate Communications VP Steve Swasey, it's all about the advertising.
When Netflix, the leading subscription-based video streaming service, signed a deal with ABC-Disney in December, we speculated that it would be a long wait before the company would be able to get CBS, the final network hold-out, on board to round out their selection of programming. It turns out that we didn’t have to wait so long after all.
No. 1 rental kiosk Redbox plans to test video game rentals alongside its well-established DVD rental business in grocery stores, malls, and other locations across the United States.
Netflix and Warner Brothers Studios recently revised their movie distribution partnership, and both sides have agreed to suspend new release WB movies rented through Netflix for 28 days from initial DVD release.
Twentieth Century Fox announced on Sunday that 6.7 million copies of Avatar have been sold through the first four days of the movie's release in the United States and Canada.
RealDVD isn't the only DVD copying software that was just crushed by the courts.
Redbox has again expressed interest in offering daily video game rentals in its rental kiosks alongside DVDs, a Reuters report indicates.
Tablet technology has come a long way in a short time. A new report exploring how consumers actually use their tablets found that the device is slowly but surely becoming a one-stop shop for movie and TV viewers.
Netflix may have ended 2011 with a whimper, shedding an estimated one million subscribers and popular content, but people still watched. Boy, did they watch.
A new survey conducted by ABI Research revealed a vast majority that was content to pay a cable bill each month and downplayed the looming threat of "cord cutting." However, the group also urged cable TV providers to strike now should a sea change actually occur.
Amazon added streaming videos to its "Prime" package this week. The new service offers subscribers (who pay $79.99 a year) instant access to over 5,000 movies and TV shows. It's also slightly cheaper than competitor Netflix's yearly fee. A recent survey may spell trouble for Netflix, as it provides some surprising numbers regarding how the company's present members feel towards an Amazon Prime that offers a similar video streaming service.
The Pirate Bay took a drastic step this week and switched domains. Rather than its usual .org TLD, the torrent site is now flying its skull and crossbones under Sweden's .se country code. The swap shouldn't be seen as a sign of weakness, said the site's admins, but a message: they aren't going anywhere.