The president of Redbox, Mitch Lowe, announced at the Entertainment Supply Chain Academy Edge conference yesterday that the DVD rental kiosks will soon offer Blu-ray rentals, likely for $1.50 per night.
Porn producer Golden Eye (International) Limited vows to widen piracy blitz
Fashionable 3D glasses are in the works.
Redbox has announced more than half of its daily movie rental kiosks will begin offering Blu-ray movies for just $1.50 per night starting immediately.
New remarks from analysts suggest Netflix, the popular DVD rental and streaming company, will maintain its success even as other companies launch competing services. Recent comments from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, however, purport his company's venture into online video streaming isn't rooted in vanilla rivalry or grabbing marketshare.
Movie rental service Netflix will finally make an international debut when it launches in Canada sometime this fall, but pricing for the new service wasn't revealed.
The HTC HD2 Microsoft Windows smartphone will be released on March 24 for T-Mobile subscribers, and will be the first phone to include the new Blockbuster OnDemand service.
Studios are scaling back their catalog of television seasons on Blu-ray, instead offering the shows on DVD only.
A Walt Disney Pictures and Canal Plus partnership? Mais oui. The animation powerhouse has inked a deal to bring 100 of its shows and movies to the French pay TV company's streaming video service, Canalplay Infinity.
Sony announced on Thursday that the final step towards the full restoration of services impacted by the mid-April cyber attack that compromised the personal information of over 70 million customers has been completed. The company's VOD and music hub Qriocity is now available in all countries in which it was previously active - except Japan. Sorry, Japan.
Select moviegoers could soon have an additional stop to make before finding seats in crowded auditoriums. After standing in line for concessions and hitting the restroom (not necessarily in that order), they'll also have the option to feed money to a 3D glasses vending machine. But with 3D ticket sales all over the place this summer, will customers bite?
Where do you go to buy music and movies? Chances are, not to a brick-and-mortar shop. Not anymore, anyway. Not when the Internet offers all those discs at better prices, minus that judgmental employee who smirks at your every purchase. But despite the digital entertainment revolution, some people still love hitting the local shops, touching the merchandise and, of course, putting that obnoxious worker in his place. And in 2011, they did. Trans World Entertainment, which continues to operate more than 400 For Your Entertainment (F.Y.E.) and Suncoast locations, posted net income boosts last year.
Anonymous isn't just crashing websites. The group decided to physically invade the Spanish equivalent of the Oscars while simultaneously attacking the website for the Spanish film academy.
Senator Patrick Leahy's "PROTECT IP" bill (.pdf) alleged it would "prevent online threats to economic creativity and theft of intellectual property." Several critics, however, saw it more as a thinly-veiled censorship tool to be wielded by the government whenever corporations came knocking. Erik Schmidt, Google executive chairman, voiced concerns about the bill's implications during a London conference in May. The proposal even met stiff resistance from within the senate itself. And now a group of like-minded professors specializing in Internet and IP law has announced that its opposition to the bill numbers over 90 strong - a number it insists will continue to grow.
A decision by Netflix to remove the "Add to DVD Queue" feature from smartphones, set-top boxes, game consoles, and other devices that stream the service’s content was met by harsh criticisms by subscribers who use the feature. The announcement of...
The added premium price of 3D movie tickets is too much for most movie watchers, even though 3D content has been popular at the box office.