Nobody would have held it against MoviePass for abandoning its plan to offer avid theatergoers an unlimited supply of tickets for $50 per month. After a botched debut this summer that saw theater chains such as AMC - purported allies, said MoviePass spokespeople - jumping from a ship they never actually boarded, the upstart company could have thrown in the towel. But it didn't. MoviePass announced this week that it's giving it another go - this time with an actual partner.
NEC has figured out a way to sniff out copyrighted online videos accurately, and in little time.
It seems that 2011 was a strange year for home entertainment. Netflix made the poor decision to significantly raise their prices over the summer causing frustrated customers and plummeting stock prices. That move by Netflix appears to have driven some customers to alternate streaming media solutions or even back to (or staying with) disc based media.
Things are set to hot up for Japanese PS3 owners
A woman accused of using the video recording feature on a digital camera to record several clips of 'Twilight Saga: New Moon' during a screening last November will sue the movie theater she was in before being arrested.
Last fall, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had a plan: to spin off the company's successful by-mail DVD rental business into a new outfit called Qwikster. Basically, it was Netflix with a new (and silly) name. Prices would remain the same, and all subscribers had to do was bookmark a new site. As it turned out, it wasn't a very good plan. Hastings pulled a 180 mere weeks after announcing it, killing the split and keeping Netflix, well, Netflix.
Its HD-DVD format obliterated by the competition, Toshiba announced in a solemn press release that it has applied to join the Blu-ray Disc Association.
On the afternoon of Saturday February 12th, HBO2 aired Howard Stern’s autobiographical film “Private Parts”. Ordinarily, people wouldn’t be running to their televisions to tune into a 14-year-old movie that is fairly commonly aired, however this time was different. Stern, who had just started a Twitter account of his own a couple of weeks prior, began to live-tweet along with the film and gave viewers a unique inside perspective that had never been available before.
Movie studio Paramount Pictures and tech company Kingston announced a partnership in which Paramount will offer select full-length movies on Kingston flash drives.
A year ago, film studios and theaters were enjoying an uptick in movie attendance supposedly spurred by a need for people to escape the woes and harsh realities of the recession. This year, attendance is down by an average of 1-2% at major theaters. What are the factors behind this decrease?
Blu-ray adoption rates have slowly but surely risen since the format's rocky start in 2006. A new study by researchers at In-Stat predicts no slowdown for the high-definition media in the near future. By 2015, they believe manufacturers will ship 105 million Blu-ray players. The Blu-ray recorder business will also boom, nearly supplanting once cutting-edge DVD recorders in that same year.
What is DRM?
The battle to bring content into the living room has accelerated over the past two years, with an influx in companies offering new products and services. The struggle between Netflix and Redbox has forced some customers to patiently wait to see how the industry shakes up, but both services have appealing features.
Tablet technology has come a long way in a short time. A new report exploring how consumers actually use their tablets found that the device is slowly but surely becoming a one-stop shop for movie and TV viewers.
The lure of 3D movies on the big screen has helped generate interest among new audience members, but faces numerous difficulties that need to be addressed.
Ditching the illegal but keeping the free, infamous Swedish torrent depot The Pirate Bay announced on Monday an initiative dubbed "The Promo Bay" to help new and struggling musicians and filmmakers. The ongoing contest will offer the site's own home page to lucky winners.