Some analysts have dismissed the long-term impact of online streaming services and Internet video on traditional pay TV businesses. A new report from research group IHS iSuppli, however, revealed a startling number of consumers cut the cord on cable and satellite services in the last four months.
Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series will include Netflix streaming and Xbox Live online gaming features, the company confirmed at its annual MIX event, revealing additional details about its pending revamped mobile OS platform.
The lure of 3D movies on the big screen has helped generate interest among new audience members, but faces numerous difficulties that need to be addressed.
Canadian Internet users will likely be outraged, as Voltage Pictures expands the biggest BitTorrent lawsuit in history (which in May of 2011 was at 24,583 BitTorrent users sued for abusing the “Hurt Locker”) to go north of the border.
It's not every day the inherently volatile nature of business spills out into the public forum, but that's just what happened this week. Recently appointed Blockbuster President Michael Kelly unveiled a new deal on Thursday which he claims will answer "the cries of Netflix customers" frustrated with unpopular changes made to the service over the past few weeks - specifically, a rate increase for combined DVD rental and unlimited streaming.
Nobody would have held it against MoviePass for abandoning its plan to offer avid theatergoers an unlimited supply of tickets for $50 per month. After a botched debut this summer that saw theater chains such as AMC - purported allies, said MoviePass spokespeople - jumping from a ship they never actually boarded, the upstart company could have thrown in the towel. But it didn't. MoviePass announced this week that it's giving it another go - this time with an actual partner.
Netflix branched away from a traditional DVD rental service and embraced streaming services. As part of their migration to online content delivery, the company is now performing video streaming tests on the various internet providers and has published ratings of the different ISP's based on their streaming content performance.
The Department of Justice announced this Thursday that another member of a CD and DVD piracy ring that operated out of Atlanta, GA has been found guilty of trafficking in counterfeit labels and criminal copyright infringement.
It just got a bit more difficult to watch illegally downloaded Blu-ray movies on the Sony PS3. Sony appears to have pushed a firmware update, which includes Cinavia DRM protection, to PS3 consoles.
If you thought giant national video rental chains like Blockbuster were hit hard by the recession and the stiff competition from more convenient options like Netflix, consider the plight of the independent video store. The Video Buyers Group, which represents over 1,000 independent stores, canceled its yearly meeting due to similar economic concerns.
Netflix and Warner Brothers Studios recently revised their movie distribution partnership, and both sides have agreed to suspend new release WB movies rented through Netflix for 28 days from initial DVD release.
Home video and box office ticket sales may be down in the U.S., but according to IHS Screen Digest total spending on movies will grow nonstop for the next four years.
Sonic Solutions announced plans to offer 3D movie download by year-end as part of their Roxio CinemaNow service. Of course you will need special glasses to enjoy 3D, plus you will have to hook-up a PC to carry the extra computing muscle.
Netflix is now sending out instant-streaming discs to Nintendo Wii owners, so Wii gamers who are Netflix subscribers will have access to the company's streaming services.
The Blu-ray format will get some added competition this year from Roxio CinemaNow, a download service that will boost its features with 1080p video, 3D movies and interactive bonus features.
Xbox 360 owners who updated to the console's new dashboard on Tuesday may have been so busy tweeting out their thoughts, telling Kinect to find "X-Men" games and launching Beacons to cobble together a solid "Modern Warfare 3" team that they failed to click into the Netflix app, which was updated to mimic Microsoft's support of the love-it-or-hate-it Metro style. Netflix released the nitty-gritty details on Wednesday for out-of-the-loop subscribers.