Despite a global recession and decreased purchasing of DVD titles, 2009 should weigh in as a record year for home entertainment spending as rental revenues spiked, Blu-ray Disc sales increased and other home entertainment options gained traction.
Contrary to popular belief, the Motion Picture Association of America doesn't hate the Internet, just the illegal file-sharing, counterfeiting and copyright infringement perpetrated over it daily. Big difference.
Ted Sarandos, the Chief Content Officer at streaming giant Netflix, announced a new deal with Miramax which will add several films to the company's already impressive roster of online content come June.
Movie studio Warner Bros. Picture is now accused of using stolen anti-piracy technology, and German technology company Medient Patent Verwaltung plans to take the company to court to recover lost revenue.
In the midst of a Netflix breakdown and Dish Network's inspired yet limited attempt at instant streaming with "Blockbuster Movie Pass," Roku announced that its titular media player is now the first on the market to stream Disney content directly to owners' TVs.
Anonymous' far-reaching "Operation Payback" has previously wreaked havoc on HBGary,the MPAA and even KISS frontman Gene Simmons. The retaliatory strike against anyone and everyone who speaks out against piracy would continue until the group "stopped being angry," it declared. With U.S. legislators now debating the "Protect IP" bill, that day won't dawn any time soon.
The German home entertainment market has reached a new high due to Blu-ray disc sales doubling during the first half of 2010, a new research report indicates.
Blockbuster has announced a new deal that aims to push its Blu-ray movie selection to new customers by offering those who sign on to one of two subscription rental plans a $50 Blu-ray player. Some unfortunate caveats mean those who have yet to purchase a dedicated BD player or a PlayStation 3 may want to think long and hard about the promotion.
An unannounced alteration to Netflix's instant queue listing system confused some subscribers this weekend; titles seemingly vanished into the ether. The streaming giant didn't actually remove any content said Brent Wickens, Vice President of Customer Service. Rather, it was an attempt to simplify instant queue management for subscribers.
The United States Supreme Court announced on Monday that it has accepted a case that will decide whether artistic works, including films and music, that are considered part of the public domain can be placed back under copyright protection where those other than the creator must pay to use them.
The industry-wide war on piracy has taken yet another interesting turn now that the movie studio behind The Hurt Locker plans to launch legal action against 50,000 alleged movie pirates.
Most movie studios take a dim view of p2p file-sharing and go to outrageous lengths to combat the free distribution of their products on sites like BitTorrent. Considering piracy's growing global reach and the near-impossibility of stopping the spread of movies, music and other media once it hits the internet, many web critics (and, unsurprisingly, pirates) have called for content producers and distributors to rethink how they do business. At least one big movie studio is paying attention.
A new survey indicates Netflix DVD rentals still are the most popular option for consumers, even though streaming content is becoming popular.
Movie rental king Netflix continues to rattle the saber in a very fickle market that has seen increased content distribution services compete for viewership. During a down economy and limited spending, consumers have a large selection of options and very little information to go on.
Those who illegally stream videos online in the U.S. may soon find their actions labeled a felony, facing far more severe legal and financial consequences than ever before.
The battle to bring content into the living room has accelerated over the past two years, with an influx in companies offering new products and services. The struggle between Netflix and Redbox has forced some customers to patiently wait to see how the industry shakes up, but both services have appealing features.