After Judge Rosemary Collyer dropped thousands of lawsuits against John Doe defendants accused of illegally sharing the film Far Cry because the District Court of Washington DC did not have jurisdiction, it appeared that the US Copyright Group (USCG) had given up on the mass lawsuits. However, an exclusive report this week from The Hollywood Reporter (THR) indicates that the USCG has retained a new client and is preparing to file a whole new wave of mass copyright infringement lawsuits.
Newzbin2 just won't give up. The usenet index site announced last week it had circumvented a court-ordered block that prevented British ISP BT's customers from logging in. Mr. White, the mysterious leader/provocateur behind Newzbin2, has now come forward and stated that he would love to share the equally cloak-and-dagger workaround with other embattled sites.
While critics and supporters debate the more technical aspects of the PROTECT IP bill, one topic has gone largely ignored: its price tag. As it turns out, sweeping changes to Internet security and how websites operate don't come cheap. The Congressional Budget Office released a cost estimate analysis last week that found $47 million would need to be allocated through 2016 to get the legislation off the ground.
It seems all the rumors about Microsoft courting content providers to supply television content to Xbox Live are coming true. The company announced on Wednesday that it would be bringing content from over 40 different providers to their Xbox Live service starting fourth quarter of this year.
Remember five years ago, when Blockbuster proudly announced "The End of Late Fees?" Those happy days are over.
Movie studio Lionsgate recently disclosed that its DVD and Blu-ray sales have been strong, as movie sales helped the company reduce the 2009 financial net loss compared to 2008 year-over-year sales.
The kiosk rental service is an extremely competitive market that has seen Redbox rise to the top, with Blockbuster and several other competitors working their way into the market.
New research from The NPD Group says the number of people watching videos via nomadic broadband and on-the-go will rise drastically in the next few years. When combined with the domestic numbers, this could also negatively impact pay TV providers who are already under assault by subscription-based online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus.
Panasonic marketing executives have proudly proclaimed that the company has worked with 20th Century Fox and will bring a version of Avatar 3D Blu-ray to consumers this December.
Hard disk drive maker Western Digital and memory card giant SanDisk have partnered with movie studios Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group to launch a next-generation digital rights management model that supports the industry's fledgling UltraViolet digital distribution platform.
Sending monetary demand letters and threatening to pursue legal cases against people who may have illegally downloaded a mainstream movie because of information tied to an IP address is one thing. Using those same tactics when pornography is involved is quite another because of the stigmas and the potential shame involved. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has been speaking out publicly against these practices since the first mass John Doe file-sharing lawsuits began earlier this year. Now, EFF representatives are actually standing before the judges presiding over these cases asking them to preserve defendant’s identities to relieve the pressure some might feel to pay the settlement fees in order to preserve their anonymity.
The NPD Group has discovered that 57 percent of Web-connected HDTVs are used to access Netflix instant streaming, which is a significant lead against YouTube and other online video rivals. Netflix remains the most dominant video service, but will have to adjust to more rivals fighting over consumer attention in 2011.
Blockbuster confirmed today that it will indeed continue to operate over 1,500 stores across the country - the majority of which were previously expected to be shuttered as the struggling rental company rejiggered its business under new owner Dish Network. Over 15,000 jobs will be preserved by the move, says the company.
If you believed Dish Network and Blockbuster would put together a Netflix competitor, it turns out you were only half right. The satellite TV provider announced today an integrated service dubbed Blockbuster Movie Pass which will cover all facets of home entertainment - unlimited instant streaming, by-mail rentals and video games for $10/month. Before you get too excited, check your monthly TV bill. The Blockbuster Movie Pass will be exclusive to Dish subscribers when it launches on October 4th.
It certainly has been a painful struggle to watch. After months of delaying the seemingly inevitable, Blockbuster filed paperwork in the Southern District of New York Court Thursday morning to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Netflix has launched a new support site and database for flummoxed subscribers who keep seeing that same annoying error code or can't seem to figure out how to link accounts to a smartphone.