Hungarian authorities raided locations tied to movie piracy group CiNEDUB last week, turning up startling evidence related to its operations. Hidden hard drives, a cocaine-laced snorting mirror, stacks of cash and over a dozen computer towers were among the materials seized by customs organization National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) and local police. Footage from the raids was released this weekend.
Where do you go to buy music and movies? Chances are, not to a brick-and-mortar shop. Not anymore, anyway. Not when the Internet offers all those discs at better prices, minus that judgmental employee who smirks at your every purchase. But despite the digital entertainment revolution, some people still love hitting the local shops, touching the merchandise and, of course, putting that obnoxious worker in his place. And in 2011, they did. Trans World Entertainment, which continues to operate more than 400 For Your Entertainment (F.Y.E.) and Suncoast locations, posted net income boosts last year.
National movie rental company Blockbuster filed for Chapter 11 last year, but that isn't stopping the chain from mounting a comeback in 2011. Even as Blockbuster stores across the country are shuttered (one location right down the street has been liquidating its inventory for the past few weeks), the installation of thousands of new Blockbuster Express rental kiosks is in the works.
RealD announced that it has created custom kids 3D glasses that are rolling out in time for the launch of Disney Pixar's Toy Story 3 movie this Friday.
An in-the-closet lesbian woman claims that Netflix exposed her sexuality, and is now leading a class action lawsuit against the mail-order rental company.
ISP Midcontinent Communications will not comply with a court subpoena from Washington DC regarding a BitTorrent copyright lawsuit unless ordered to do so by a local court.
A new report from Screen Digest indicates the high-definition Blu-ray video format has struggled to gain marketshare outside of the United States, even with the worldwide popularity of Avatar.
As anti-piracy efforts continue, so too does the number of people sued by movie studios and record labels. A chart which purports to count the number of U.S. residents named as "John Does" in illicit file-sharing lawsuits is closing it on a new milestone. And with PROTECT IP not completely off the table, the number may continue to rise.
The Department of Justice announced this Thursday that another member of a CD and DVD piracy ring that operated out of Atlanta, GA has been found guilty of trafficking in counterfeit labels and criminal copyright infringement.
Lackluster 2011 box office performances and slow 3D TV adoption rates are not deterring movie studios from backing the reborn technology. Several upcoming Blu-ray 3D releases could find their way to the top of sales charts this holiday season as the format's library heads toward a milestone.
YouTube, the video website that used to thrive mostly on user-generated content, has rolled out another part of its “major overhaul” this week with an expanded movie rental catalogue and a greater investment in original content.
Last week Michael Spiegelman, Director of Product Management at Netflix, unveiled on the company's official blog that change was coming to how subscribers browsed for movies. The new layout, Spiegelman promised, would "make it easier for [viewers] to find something to watch instantly." Thousands of Netflix users disagreed, and promptly flooded the announcement's comment section with complaints, critiques and threats to cancel their subscriptions.
Both U.S. theatergoers and analysts are noticeably down on 3D movies this year. But in 2010, the industry saw a huge surge over the previous year. While it's too soon to say how the format will fare when 2011 wraps, analysts believes its attractiveness outside America will only help.
RealDVD isn't the only DVD copying software that was just crushed by the courts.
Netflix's rough year may follow the company into 2012. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter has come out with harsh criticism of the company's billing and spending habits, believing even the most pessimistic appraisals of how it will fare in the near-future just don't cut it.
It certainly has been a painful struggle to watch. After months of delaying the seemingly inevitable, Blockbuster filed paperwork in the Southern District of New York Court Thursday morning to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy.