Some analysts have dismissed the long-term impact of online streaming services and Internet video on traditional pay TV businesses. A new report from research group IHS iSuppli, however, revealed a startling number of consumers cut the cord on cable and satellite services in the last four months.
Netflix saw a drastic first-quarter profit increase due to a larger number of new subscribers who are drawn to the company's online streaming services.
Where do you go to buy music and movies? Chances are, not to a brick-and-mortar shop. Not anymore, anyway. Not when the Internet offers all those discs at better prices, minus that judgmental employee who smirks at your every purchase. But despite the digital entertainment revolution, some people still love hitting the local shops, touching the merchandise and, of course, putting that obnoxious worker in his place. And in 2011, they did. Trans World Entertainment, which continues to operate more than 400 For Your Entertainment (F.Y.E.) and Suncoast locations, posted net income boosts last year.
Avatar director James Cameron is urging television producers to worry less about the cost of 3D production as the technology continues to show promise in theaters and living rooms in the United States.
Its HD-DVD format obliterated by the competition, Toshiba announced in a solemn press release that it has applied to join the Blu-ray Disc Association.
While many Netflix members fume over the recently announced price increase due to take effect in September and promise they will cancel their subscriptions, the company's stock has bounced up and down. What's good for the shareholder isn't always good for the customer says a report this week, illustrating that the disparate goals of keeping prices affordable for discerning consumers and satisfying those who expect to profit from their investments don't mix.
No. 1 rental kiosk Redbox plans to test video game rentals alongside its well-established DVD rental business in grocery stores, malls, and other locations across the United States.
The process of sharing post-production screeners with awards judges, critics and others is now being criticized due to piracy concerns, with pressure mounting that could put an end to the system.
Total U.S. consumer spending on home entertainment in the first quarter of 2011 is down nearly 10% year-over-year thanks to a similar yearly drop off of 25% in overall box office take according to a new report filed by analyst The Digital Entertainment Group.
Audio sync issues mar the Sapphire Series Blu-ray edition of Saving Private Ryan.