Digital music sales overtake CDs for the first time in UK

For the first time, revenue from music download/subscription sales has overtaken physical media in the first three months of 2012. While individual song download sales have overtaken CD singles for many years, album sales including box sets continued to sell better than as downloads up until now.

Audio-Technica unveils improved active noise-cancelling headphones

Audio-Technica has launched its latest flagship noise-cancelling headphones range, the ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint. Its new features includes a choice of three user-selectable noise-cancellation settings, an inline microphone and a controller for answering phone calls and controlling music playback, such as next/previous track.

Free online radio is popular, but no paid service converter

Terrestrial radio introduced our parents to Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. In the 80s and 90s, MTV videos nearly killed the radio star. Now, flexible, tailor-made online music services have quickly become the next big thing for listeners tired of the sound of Big Music dragging its feet toward innovation. According to The NPD Group, free online music services like Spotify and Pandora are more popular than ever — even among the traditionally tech-resilient older demographic. But that doesn’t mean users are throwing money at the model.

Grooveshark parts with EMI, no deals with any major record labels

It looks as if Grooveshark is finally done. The final record label that was still supporting Groovshark, EMI, has finally pulled support for the service. With all four major record labels having now removed their support for Grooveshark, the service is doomed.

Cloud-based services are beginning to outweigh the appeal of PCs

First, music geeks. Then, the world. Apple’s iCloud and Google Music Beta helped catapult cloud-based storage into the mainstream lexicon last year, allowing users to store downloaded tracks online and access them on myriad devices. That’s only the beginning, says Gartner.

Study: Music industry on the mend, CD buyers increase

Sales of music CDs have fallen precipitously over the past decade. Pushed to the brink by online file-sharing, piracy and, one may argue, a matching drop-off in quality artists, even customers who wanted to continue buying CDs found their efforts thwarted: record stores around the U.S. closed as their cash registers dried up. The NPD Group claims the tide is turning, with growth reported within both physical and digital sectors last year.