Music from a major label could come as cheaply as 15 cents per track through a partnership with the Web site Amie Street.
Anonymous' far-reaching "Operation Payback" has previously wreaked havoc on HBGary,the MPAA and even KISS frontman Gene Simmons. The retaliatory strike against anyone and everyone who speaks out against piracy would continue until the group "stopped being angry," it declared. With U.S. legislators now debating the "Protect IP" bill, that day won't dawn any time soon.
Global discussion on how - or if - Internet Service Providers should police the web has reached a fever pitch over the past few weeks. Reports out of Ireland illustrated some pitfalls with the concept, while a UK hearing in June saw copyright defenders seeking an injunction against British ISP which would require the company to cut-off access to usenet index site Newzbin. In the U.S., a deal struck this week between several companies including AT&T, Comcast and Cablevision could see those accused of illegally downloading copyrighted content hit with email alerts and internet speed reductions. The MPAA and RIAA - key backers of the new anti-piracy offensive - shared their thoughts on the so-called "Copyright Alert System."
The film and television industry have embraced the latest 3D craze as a way to generate interest in and revenue from their products during tough economic times. Now the music industry is starting to take part with high profile artists releasing 3D concerts and videos.
Cloud-based storage continues to make inroads with consumers accustomed to traditional options. Google and Amazon have both released cloud music services in 2011, and Apple's long-awaited and highly-anticipated iCloud is due this fall. Bitcasa, a new underdog in the increasingly competitive cloud market war, is bringing considerable firepower to bear.
The lengthy battle between Apple and The Beatles is now over with the band's music available through the popular iTunes download service.
The continued decline of CD sales caused worldwide recorded music sales to dip 10 more percent in 2009, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) said in a statement.
Because a charity album benefiting Haiti was made available through file sharing sites, the music industry says humanitarian efforts have been undermined.
There are some circumstances where downloading copyrighted music could've been considered legal, a federal judge said.
Spotify, a much-hyped music service that lets users stream millions of tracks, has finally arrived for mobile phones in Europe.
In a move that may anger record labels, Apple has quietly enabled music streaming capability for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners.
Digital music is tearing up the sales charts, with copyright groups and record companies frantically trying to adjust to a changing market. The digital music market should be extremely appealing to music fans, even with numerous file sharing and peer-to-peer options available online.
What is DRM?
CDFreaks interviews Pandora founder Tim Westergren on the online radio service’s future. New royalty structures for copyright owners and the latest on its recent cash injection are discussed here.
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and radio broadcasters typically don't see eye-to-eye on many things, but both sides feel that FM radio should be mandated on mobile phones and other electronics.
Irish ISP Eircom is working with the music industry to try and figure out a way to reduce peer-to-peer file sharing while also keeping music fans happy. In addition to the music offering, a multi-strike law would punish repeat offenders with 12-month ISP bans.