Nobody wanted the anti-piracy SOPA and PROTECT IP bills to pass more than the Recording Industry Association of America. Well, beside the MPAA. The music organization's CEO Cary Sherman on Thursday blamed a purposeful misinformation campaign for lawmakers' failure to pass both.
Three governors recently pledged their allegiance to the PROTECT IP bill. The divisive legislation has garnered additional support this month. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA) have come forward to announce they are behind bill S. 968.
Muzu agreed on a licensing agreement with the world's largest independent music group Merlin. Besides Merlin, studios like Universal, Sony and EMI share music clips on the video site.
A disclosure report indicates the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) invested around $430,000 for lobbying during the second quarter of 2010.
In the case, Capitol Records, LLC vs ReDigi Inc, federal judge Richard Sullivan has ruled that individuals do not have the right to resell digital music files that they have legally purchased.  In this particular case, ReDigi was attempting...
After years of legal action from copyright groups, the company behind LimeWire is continuing its legal fight against the music industry. LimeWire now wants Amazon and other third parties selling music to produce information related to financial transactions with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
The music industry entered a new era when listeners became more interested in digital music downloads instead of buying CDs, and is now undergoing a new shift as some listeners seek streaming music.
Hotz agreed to a permanent injunction regarding his Sony hacking, and the Japan-based company has agreed to drop its months-long legal pursuit of the NJ hacker's work jailbreaking the PlayStation 3. But that doesn't mean those annoyed or angered by how Sony handled the situation are willing to let bygones be bygones. True to their motto, the secretive internet hacker collective Anonymous hasn't forgiven or forgotten what Sony did. A boycott/sit-in of Sony stores across the country was scheduled before the settlement, and the recent news isn't changing anything it seems.
Celebrating its spinoff from Viacom and RealNetworks, the now independent online Rhapsody music service has slashed its monthly subscription to $10 per month.
Since the Recording Industry Association of America’s long-standing legal battle against LimeWire has finally been settled, the trade group has decided to shift their sites to another online file-sharing service in their quest to try to eradicate music piracy.
Jammie Thomas-Rasset will no longer have to pay $1.9 million for illegally downloading and distributing 24 songs over the Internet.
Online music services continue to be a big business, even though very few companies have been successful.
Eleven music labels, including industry giant Warner Bros, have filed a joint copyright infringement lawsuit against porn purveyors RK Netmedia and
Ditching the illegal but keeping the free, infamous Swedish torrent depot The Pirate Bay announced on Monday an initiative dubbed "The Promo Bay" to help new and struggling musicians and filmmakers. The ongoing contest will offer the site's own home page to lucky winners.
A new IDC Research report indicates the estimated value of pirated content shared during the second half of 2009 in Spain was valued at $6.3 billion, as the nation has struggled to prevent piracy.
Apple's upcoming iCloud service is expected to build on the company's iTunes success and introduce millions of music-lovers to a new way to store and access their collections. However, a report from IHS iSuppli considers the downside to the company's plans: a marked decline in demand for NAND flash memory storage in the years to come.