Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group are priming to file a lawsuit against online music streaming service, Grooveshark. That lawsuit could be filed as early as today (Thursday). The lawsuit will likely claim that employees of Grooveshark have posted pirated songs to the service.
There is a continued battle between the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and music listeners, as yet another interesting file sharing service has appeared. The new Mulve file sharing program isn't a peer-to-peer program, and users download music file straight from servers.
Sony announced on Thursday that the final step towards the full restoration of services impacted by the mid-April cyber attack that compromised the personal information of over 70 million customers has been completed. The company's VOD and music hub Qriocity is now available in all countries in which it was previously active - except Japan. Sorry, Japan.
More than 130 CEOs, start-up founders and tech business executives, including Friendster alum Jonathan Abrams and MovieFone's Matthew Blumberg, have come together with a common goal: prevent PROTECT IP from being passed into law. In a letter addressed to Congress, the group broached potential security concerns, DNS issues and the proposal's overall vagueness as key criticisms, reminding members to consider that their votes may also impact small businesses and stymie job creation.
The continued decline of CD sales caused worldwide recorded music sales to dip 10 more percent in 2009, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) said in a statement.
The music industry has dealt a major blow to illegal music downloads in the United States, winning a copyright lawsuit against the operators of LimeWire.
The Department of Justice announced this Thursday that another member of a CD and DVD piracy ring that operated out of Atlanta, GA has been found guilty of trafficking in counterfeit labels and criminal copyright infringement.
When Michael Robertson talks digital music, it's hard not to take off the headphones and pay attention. The MP3Tunes CEO and boss wrote an eye-opening editorial for Gigaom this week, calling out record companies for hard-nosed tactics that make business difficult for online music services such as Spotify and Rdio.
Apple may be realizing that iTunes is getting stale, and needs to embrace streaming media if it wants to stay relevant.
Sony Music Entertainment Japan has announced that it will release Blu-spec CDs in December.
The U.S. government made it clear recently (if there was ever any doubt) that it's very interested in helping companies defend their IP rights and cracking down on infringing acts. In creating new committees that oversee the Obama Administration's plans and tapping anti-piracy crusader Neil MacBride as associate deputy attorney general, the White House proved it was serious about IP theft. Now, another government official has come forth with bold words against piracy sites, and a plan.
A new piracy case in Sweden this week is a big deal said Rick Falkvinge, a Pirate Party founder. According to Falkvinge, who live-blogged the trial on Monday, the public agreed: not a seat was available in the Sollentuna courtroom. The unnamed female defendant was accused of sharing some 45,000 music tracks online - a record for local trials, he noted. She pleaded not guilty.
Perhaps sensing that the iPhone app is a raw deal for existing subscribers, Sirius XM has released a car and home dock that effectively turns the iPhone into a satellite radio.
Google is making allies in the music industry, with Warner Music reportedly onboard as Vivendi, Sony and EMI consider support for a Google Music service.
Music from a major label could come as cheaply as 15 cents per track through a partnership with the Web site Amie Street.
A report released in the United Kingdom yesterday by the Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property Policy states that data available from the music industry is "insufficient in order to make a case for copyright". The Strategic Advisory Board for...