It's not uncommon for convicted file-sharers to receive a slap on the wrist for their crime - a minor fine or commuted sentence. Sometimes, rightsholders will even try to elicit a small payment from suspected pirates in exchange for not pursuing their hunch in a legal venue. But if a cyber offense is great enough, the legal system has no qualms with punching perpetrators in the gut. Two Finns found guilty of uploading over 100TBs worth of files via Direct Connect were ordered by a judge to pay a combined $725,000. One of the men also received a four-month prison term.
LimeWire, the once-popular Gnutella-based P2P file-sharing application, has settled one of the copyright infringement lawsuits filed last year by over 30 different music industry publishers and record companies, but the companies legal woes are still far from over.
A ruling by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans may have a long-lasting effect on digital rights management (DRM) copy protection, even though the case wasn’t directly involved in a high-profile copyright lawsuit.
“How did we end up being the music industry's scapegoat, and what do we think about it?” This is the sentence that begins PC Magazine’s open response to the music industry’s scathing letter criticizing their coverage of P2P services to check out when Limewire was shut down.
In December we reported how Michael Robertson, founder of, had discovered evidence that major record label and staunch antipiracy advocate EMI had engaged in some hypocritical behavior by utilizing RapidShare to introduce new music tracks to the public after denouncing the site as a “Piracy Haven.” Now, as he continues his 10-year battle against EMI, Robertson has just retained Google as a valuable ally in the defense of his latest startup, music locker service
With PROTECT IP on hold, the Motion Picture Association of America has thrown its support behind Congressman Lamar Smith's new Stop Online Piracy Act. The organization and its affiliates asked respected intellectual property and First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams to read through the bill and discern if it was constitutionally sound.
The trial between Apple and Eight Mile Style is officially underway in Detroit, Michigan, with the Cupertino-based tech company defending its sale of select Eminem songs.
When Michael Robertson talks digital music, it's hard not to take off the headphones and pay attention. The MP3Tunes CEO and boss wrote an eye-opening editorial for Gigaom this week, calling out record companies for hard-nosed tactics that make business difficult for online music services such as Spotify and Rdio.
Bad news for ad-supported on-demand music sites like Spotify: One analyst says they lead to a decrease in paid music downloads.
The 2011 “iTunes User Report” compiled by the NPD group, a leading market research organization, reports that despite the strong growth of app downloads the primary use of iTunes among most consumers is still music. More than half of iTunes users, specifically 54 percent, used the program to put music on their iPod or listen to music in the past three months. Contrary to that 28 percent used the software to download a free app and only 16 percent used it to buy an app.
Newzbin2 just won't give up. The usenet index site announced last week it had circumvented a court-ordered block that prevented British ISP BT's customers from logging in. Mr. White, the mysterious leader/provocateur behind Newzbin2, has now come forward and stated that he would love to share the equally cloak-and-dagger workaround with other embattled sites.
The flexibility offered by devices such as Apple's iPhone and iPad tablet illustrates a correlation between their success and the shrinking popularity of single-use machines according to a new study by researcher IHS iSuppli, which predicts that the shifting needs of consumers who expect more and more from new devices will shape a dim future for consumer electronics with exclusive, singular functions.
Hungarian authorities raided locations tied to movie piracy group CiNEDUB last week, turning up startling evidence related to its operations. Hidden hard drives, a cocaine-laced snorting mirror, stacks of cash and over a dozen computer towers were among the materials seized by customs organization National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) and local police. Footage from the raids was released this weekend.
Google is reportedly still working on an online music download service, but the latest details state that the internet giant wants the service to be tightly integrated with the Google search engine.
Digital music giant Rhapsody told sources today at that it will make an announcement about acquiring Napster from Best Buy. Some of you may recall that Best Buy was responsible for breathing new life into the music streaming service,...
A major copyright infringement hearing against the now-defunct peer-to-peer file sharing program LimeWire is already underway, but this week a new round of plaintiffs have filed yet another lawsuit against the company along with media company CBS Interactive and its subsidiary CNET.