Apple may be realizing that iTunes is getting stale, and needs to embrace streaming media if it wants to stay relevant.
MySpace today announced it has purchased music service Imeem, acquiring most of the company's assets.
There are some circumstances where downloading copyrighted music could've been considered legal, a federal judge said.
MySpace today launched its music service to British members, as the company attempts to compete with Facebook and other social networking or music services in international markets.
Verizon will now reportedly forward copyright violation notices issued by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to subscribers accused of copyright infringement.
Residents in the European Union who are accused of downloading and sharing copyrighted music may be shielded from being disconnected from the Internet, according to the European Parliament and Council.
Record label EMI confirmed it is suing a U.S.-based online music service,, of copyright infringement related to music from The Beatles offered online.
The Beatles' music has finally moved off the CD and into digital file formats, though the delivery system still requires physical media in the form of a USB stick.
A new study in the United Kingdom re-asserts that illegal downloaders actually purchase more music than those who don't download tracks online.
Google didn't roll out a new online music store as some Internet users expected, but the No. 1 search engine has launched a new music search feature that will allow listeners to sample music and find information about songs.
Microsoft and MySpace are reportedly working on a music partnership that would allow Microsoft to include MySpace Music on MSN.
Google is reportedly working on a music service that could launch next week, according to two reports.
Online music services continue to be a big business, even though very few companies have been successful.
Cell phone ringtones don't count as musical performances, so their composers aren't entitled to performance royalties, a federal court has ruled.
Great, here comes another music service that believes it's the answer to Apple's iTunes.
After less than one week in court, Apple and Eminem have successfully settled out of court.