The trial between Apple and Eight Mile Style is officially underway in Detroit, Michigan, with the Cupertino-based tech company defending its sale of select Eminem songs.
The music industry, the Japanese government and telecoms are reportedly working together on a way to shut down phones with pirated music on them.
Spotify, a much-hyped music service that lets users stream millions of tracks, has finally arrived for mobile phones in Europe.
Perhaps sensing that the iPhone app is a raw deal for existing subscribers, Sirius XM has released a car and home dock that effectively turns the iPhone into a satellite radio.
Yahoo won a legal ruling against Sony Corp's BMG Music now that a federal appeals court in New York ruled the popular Internet giant doesn't need to pay additional fees to copyright holders when it plays songs.
Eircom will block access to The Pirate Bay from September 1st.
Music from a major label could come as cheaply as 15 cents per track through a partnership with the Web site Amie Street.
What is DRM?


What is MP4?
Get your DRM jokes in now; the big four record labels are preparing a new file format for the digital age.
Three men connected with The Pirate Bay must stop all traffic between themselves and the service in 10 days, or they'll face heavy court-imposed fines.
In the crazy word of tech patents, one company says it now lords over the concept of connecting people to episodic media content.
A trial between the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and just the second person to go to trial after receiving a John Doe lawsuit for sharing copyrighted music tracks has started in Boston, Massachusetts.
Apple and the music industry are reportedly working on a new kind of liner notes to lure people into buying more full albums.
Only a week after Apple blocked Palm's flagship smartphone from syncing with iTunes, Palm fights back.
CDFreaks interviews Pandora founder Tim Westergren on the online radio service’s future. New royalty structures for copyright owners and the latest on its recent cash injection are discussed here.