MAFIAAFire made headlines in April when it skirted the law by redirecting traffic from ICE-seized domains to their replacement sites. "The Pirate Bay Dancing," a new add-on created by the same developers, takes a shot at recent court-ordered attempts to block the titular file-sharing site from customers' computer monitors.
The U.S. government made it clear recently (if there was ever any doubt) that it's very interested in helping companies defend their IP rights and cracking down on infringing acts. In creating new committees that oversee the Obama Administration's plans and tapping anti-piracy crusader Neil MacBride as associate deputy attorney general, the White House proved it was serious about IP theft. Now, another government official has come forth with bold words against piracy sites, and a plan.
File sharing company LimeWire was targeted with another music industry lawsuit, as eight music publishers have taken aim at LimeWire.