Apple and the music industry are reportedly working on a new kind of liner notes to lure people into buying more full albums.
Not to be outdone by Apple, Google, or Amazon, Best Buy has decided to launch their own music service. The service, called Best Buy Music Cloud, allows users to upload their music and access it via computer, phone, or tablet. While it's nice to see Best Buy at least making an attempt to keep up with other music services, their system comes with a number of restrictions and caveats.
Finnish anti-piracy group CIAPC seizes child's laptop
It's not uncommon for convicted file-sharers to receive a slap on the wrist for their crime - a minor fine or commuted sentence. Sometimes, rightsholders will even try to elicit a small payment from suspected pirates in exchange for not pursuing their hunch in a legal venue. But if a cyber offense is great enough, the legal system has no qualms with punching perpetrators in the gut. Two Finns found guilty of uploading over 100TBs worth of files via Direct Connect were ordered by a judge to pay a combined $725,000. One of the men also received a four-month prison term.
Mark L. Shurtleff is no fan of Internet piracy. In an editorial for The Salt Lake Tribune last week, Shurtleff called online counterfeiters and rogue foreign sites a threat to safety, innovation and the local economy. His solution? The Senate should pass PROTECT IP, and the House should pass SOPA.
Hot off a legal victory this summer against usenet index site Newzbin2, the Motion Picture Association has named its next target: another usenet called NZBsRus. The trade organization has fired the first shot, hitting the site with a cease-and-desist. However, the group doesn't plan on staying offline for long.
Now that Apple is cashing in on the multi-billion dollar music industry with its iTunes store, popular peer-to-peer program Kazaa announced to re-launch as a subscription-based music service.
Slacker Radio is the latest online music service that wants an offline option for its listeners.
The 2011 “iTunes User Report” compiled by the NPD group, a leading market research organization, reports that despite the strong growth of app downloads the primary use of iTunes among most consumers is still music. More than half of iTunes users, specifically 54 percent, used the program to put music on their iPod or listen to music in the past three months. Contrary to that 28 percent used the software to download a free app and only 16 percent used it to buy an app.
The music industry was obviously caught off guard when Napster and peer-to-peer file sharing first emerged in the late 1990s, with a continued attempt to embrace changing technologies. The RIAA and other groups lashed out and attacked companies and music listeners, but are still unsure what to do while music sales increase.
In this review, we will check out how they perform against a pair of corded headphones, its features and how well it copes with everyday use such as sound quality, line of sight, distance from transmitter and battery life.
Here at MyCE, we do not only review products from well known and established companies, we also try to shed light on new companies that are different. Neeko treehouse is such a company, and here we present the BON 3.1 wooden earphones.
The 3D TV craze may not be spreading as quickly as content providers and hardware manufacturers would like, but according to a new report the global consumption of similarly high-brow web-connected TVs have not been met with buyer apathy. And surprisingly, it's not the U.S. leading the charge into the realm of internet couch surfing.
As record labels look for new revenue from the Internet, Warner Music Group is betting, at least partly, on Hulu.
With PROTECT IP on hold, the Motion Picture Association of America has thrown its support behind Congressman Lamar Smith's new Stop Online Piracy Act. The organization and its affiliates asked respected intellectual property and First Amendment lawyer Floyd Abrams to read through the bill and discern if it was constitutionally sound.
Sony's Music Unlimited service doesn't enjoy the same word-of-mouth enthusiasm that Spotify and Pandora have garnered from music lovers. But if being unpopular stopped the company from trying to improve, it would have closed up shop a long time ago. A new update for users accessing the streaming music platform on their PlayStation 3 consoles has added much-needed features, including greater customization options available to subscribers.