It's not uncommon for convicted file-sharers to receive a slap on the wrist for their crime - a minor fine or commuted sentence. Sometimes, rightsholders will even try to elicit a small payment from suspected pirates in exchange for not pursuing their hunch in a legal venue. But if a cyber offense is great enough, the legal system has no qualms with punching perpetrators in the gut. Two Finns found guilty of uploading over 100TBs worth of files via Direct Connect were ordered by a judge to pay a combined $725,000. One of the men also received a four-month prison term.
Michael Robertson, founder and former CEO of several startups including and MP3Tunes, claims to have discovered evidence that major record label and staunch antipiracy advocate EMI is engaging in some hypocritical behavior that defies the company’s very public denouncement of file-sharing services.
Amazon is clearly in the cloud storage race to win, and they are not messing around. The online retailer's Cloud Drive service has already proven fairly popular and now they are sweetening the pot with Cloud Player support on the iPad and unlimited storage for music.
Following its DDoS attack on two major Sony sites and the far-reaching effects on the company's online PSN platform, Anonymous has scaled back its online operations and instead aims to leverage anger and frustration with Sony by staging a one-day global boycott of the company's products. Despite the settlement between Sony and George Hotz, the boycott is proceeding as planned, says Anonymous.
The Department of Justice announced this Thursday that another member of a CD and DVD piracy ring that operated out of Atlanta, GA has been found guilty of trafficking in counterfeit labels and criminal copyright infringement.
Google’s anticipated plan to make a serious run at Apple's music superiority is being embraced by some record labels that have been anxious to see iTunes face a legitimate competitor.
Pressuring lawmakers to swiftly pass strict anti-piracy laws in the United Kingdom, the music industry is arguing that while peer-to-peer file sharing stagnates, other ways of downloading music illegally are blooming.
The Copyright Alliance, a non-profit group which counts the MPAA and the RIAA as members, is taking new steps to achieve old goals. The organization announced this week the formation of a new legal advisory board that consists of 14 law firms. Collectively, the firms boast decades of experience fielding intellectual property and piracy cases around the world.
In the case, Capitol Records, LLC vs ReDigi Inc, federal judge Richard Sullivan has ruled that individuals do not have the right to resell digital music files that they have legally purchased.  In this particular case, ReDigi was attempting...
As anti-piracy efforts continue, so too does the number of people sued by movie studios and record labels. A chart which purports to count the number of U.S. residents named as "John Does" in illicit file-sharing lawsuits is closing it on a new milestone. And with PROTECT IP not completely off the table, the number may continue to rise.
Google didn't roll out a new online music store as some Internet users expected, but the No. 1 search engine has launched a new music search feature that will allow listeners to sample music and find information about songs.
Radiohead may have given its 2007 In Rainbows music album away for free online, but music bloggers have recently received cease-and-desist notices to remove copyrighted music.
MySpace today launched its music service to British members, as the company attempts to compete with Facebook and other social networking or music services in international markets.
File sharing company LimeWire was targeted with another music industry lawsuit, as eight music publishers have taken aim at LimeWire.
Audio-Technica has launched its latest flagship noise-cancelling headphones range, the ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint. Its new features includes a choice of three user-selectable noise-cancellation settings, an inline microphone and a controller for answering phone calls and controlling music playback, such as next/previous track.
A report released in the United Kingdom yesterday by the Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property Policy states that data available from the music industry is "insufficient in order to make a case for copyright". The Strategic Advisory Board for...