In an interview with Le Point, Huawei Founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei revealed that HongMeng OS, Huawei’s home-grown replacement for the Android operating system, is ‘likely’ to be faster than not only Android but iOS as well. In the said...
Using trial and error, a Michigan iPod repairman allegedly guessed 9,000 iPod Shuffle serial numbers, convinced Apple to send replacements and then sold them to customers. "Apple Inc. appears to be the victim of a real shuffle," the Associated Press...
After a major conference in Paris ended this week, an official document discussing the principals of Internet policy making was released. Among the most notable things in that document was the idea that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should be responsible for policing the internet. The idea is that ISPs would act on "voluntary agreements" between content owners and themselves.
Amazon has revealed a new service to transfer hundreds of petabytes of data as soon as possible to the cloud. The transfer is far from regular, the data doesn't go over the usual DSL, cable or fiber connection, neither is it wirelessly transmitted.
Facebook's subsidiary WhatsApp has started to roll-out two-step authentication for all users. The feature allows users to add additional security to their account. After it was tested in a beta version of the chat app the feature is now gradually rolled out.
A bill that will allow the US government to force internet service providers to block websites accused of illegal file sharing was passed the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday morning by a unanimous vote.
Well Redfox made another good flush yesterday and once again became king of the flushers for our team. We are now ranked #64 for the day and #503 overall. That's not bad considering a few weeks ago hardly anyone was...
Microsoft has patched an actively attacked vulnerability in Internet Explorer and 73 other vulnerabilities during yesterday's Patch Tuesday of February. The zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer was discovered by Google and allowed attackers to test for the presence of specific files on disk.
OCZ has secured $13 million in private placement which should help the company to survive the near future. The company continues to suffer from a bad financial situation.
Intel has announced that some of its solid-state drives are now available in 800 select Best Buy stores, as the company looks to convince customers to upgrade their PCs and notebooks.
The social media accounts of Facebook were hacked Friday, Feb. 7 by a hacker group, OurMine, raising concerns over the security of the social networks. At around 3:50 pm on Friday, OurMine tweeted from Facebook’s Twitter account, announcing the temporary...
The Polish police has arrested the presumed man behind the popular illegal torrent download site KickAssTorrents. The Polish police arrested the man at the request of the United States.
Antivirus vendor Qihoo 360 reports it has found a zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer that is actively exploited and for which no patch from Microsoft is available yet. The company announced the vulnerability on Twitter and provides more details on the Chinese social network Weibo.
The majority of households in the United States uses a insecure router that is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Researchers tested routers from Asus, AVM, Belkin, Cerio, D-Link, Linksys TrendNet, NetGear, Sierra Wireless, TP-Link, Yamaha and Zyxel and found that 83% of the routers contained serious security issues.
Two developers have succeeded in running a working version of Android Q on the Nintendo Switch. In a video on his Twitter account, one of the developers demonstrates how he controls Android with the touchscreen of his Switch.
With the fight against the virus pandemic is still on-going, the public and private sectors are turning to contact tracing as a way of addressing the issue. All About Circuits reported that several governments are looking into data storage...