Massive hack affects Twitter accounts
Blu-ray and DVD discs are still the largest revenue stream for movie companies. According to a report by research company NPD the discs were good for 61% of home-video spending on movies in 2012. In 2011 they accounted for...
Sony has added high quality audio streams to its Music Unlimited service.
Intel announced today the Intel Solid-State Drive 525 Series in a small mSATA form factor with 6 Gb/s performance.
Anonymous launches prominent attack against the US Government
BitTorrent Inc. has developed a new free application that securely syncs folders between multiple devices like Dropbox, but works totally independent of third party servers and encrypts data using an encryption key only known to the user.
A  video called "Buffy vs Edward" is giving us a clear view of the abuse of power afforded to movie studios over videos at Youtube.  "Buffy vs Edward" is the creation of Jonathan McIntosh, who remixed parts of Buffy...
Sony has patented a new technology to block second hand games use
The French internet provider, Free, has released a firmware update to their DSL routers that includes a surprising new feature, a built-in ad blocker that is enabled by default.  The ad-blocker is in beta status, and doesn't seem to...
Following a change of leadership China takes measures to quash Internet anonymity
Merry Christmas and a happy new year from the Myce staff!
Harddisk manufacturers seem to try to find new markets. WD has released HDDs specially designed for Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices and now Seagate has announced HDDs that are designed specifically for DVRs, set-top boxes and surveillance video storage.
The Taiwanese website Digitimes reports that SSD joint venture CoreSolid Storage has ceased operations.
Massive $2.7bn fine for Yahoo!
We are going to move to new servers the coming hours. We do not expected downtime but a partly service interruption. During the next hours the site might temporarily become read-only. This means that posting might not be...
In December we will launch a contest where you can win one of the six prizes, kindly made available by DVDFab. To qualify, all you’ll have to do is write a review of one of this year’s movie releases and...