As The Pirate Bay censorship reaches more countries, various websites sprung up to help users get around the block. A few of these are using crafty new methods to trick users into paying "donations" for access.
An opinion by Manhattan federal district court judge Kimba Wood this week in response to record companies’ damage requests against the now defunct P2P file-sharing service Limewire will likely not eliminate ridiculously high settlements, but at least attempts to reign them in a bit.
How qualified are FBI agents when it comes to handling computer-related threats to national security? Not well enough, according to a study released this week by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ).
After three years of negotiating it looks like major ISPs have struck a deal, back by both the RIAA and MPAA, to help manage the issue of sharing copyrighted material online. The deal will institute a sort of four strike policy before mitigation measures are put into effect.
Predictably, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) did not have a positive reaction upon learning about a recently-developed Firefox browser plug-in which automatically redirects users around seized domains to websites’ new, and usually foreign, Internet addresses.
After nearly a month of DDoS attacks against antipiracy websites and the domains of individuals who advocate legal action against file-sharing, Operation Payback is still going strong. HADOPI and Hustler are the latest in a long line of targets plotted by Anonymous.
At the moment worlds most popular torrent site the Piratebay is down and gives a connection refused error. What is going on?
Today is the first day that the six strikes program is set to begin in the United States.  Five of the major ISP's in the US have agreed to warn customers who are accused of using P2P technology to...
Yesterday WikiLeaks announced a workaround once again allowing them to process donations made in the form of credit card payments. As soon as Visa found out about said workaround they promptly shut it down once again blocking WikiLeaks from processing donations made via credit card.
Research indicates viewers look online for authorized and unauthorized content.
Internet users in the United Kingdom accused of illegally sharing copyrighted music and movie files will face stiff penalties, starting with warning letters that will lead to bandwidth restrictions, according to media reports from the UK.
Today the European Parliament rejected the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. With 478 votes against ACTA, 39 in favour and 165 abstained, this agreement cannot become law in the EU or in any individual member state.
ACS:Law is still bringing cases that are currently in-progress before judges in the British court system, the latest of whom was not amused with the legal preparations of Crossly and his staff.
The U.S. Copyright Group responsible for enforcing copyright and intellectual property in the United States reportedly stole the code from a competing service.
Feds have charged Higinio O. Ochoa III with criminal charges related to a string of attacks on government and law enforcement websites. The Texas man operated under the "CabinCr3w" banner, a known offshoot of Anonymous.
A lawsuit, filed in Massachusetts, could give an answer to whether or not an individual is responsible for material downloaded via their network when that network is left unsecured. The suit was filed by Liberty Media Holdings LLC, a San Diego company that produces adult content.