Two days ago we reported that the Piratebay was offline and unfortunately it didn't take TPB team the couple of hours we expected to bring it back. Instead the popular torrent website was offline for nearly 48 hours.
The European Commission is creating a plan to unify some of their patent and intellectual property laws across various countries. The plan will also seek to ease access to digital media and broaden anti-piracy measures. While this all sounds wonderful, Internet advocacy groups in the region are unhappy with the new rules stating they are draconian and have the potential to slow down innovation in online media.
A subpoena that was served to regional internet service provider Midcontinent to obtain the personal information of defendants associated the file-sharing case brought by producers of The Hurt Locker has been quashed this week by a South Dakota Judge.
The HTML standard might get support for copy protection.
A sort of mass-exodus from US-controlled .COM domains is taking place, with dozens of sites registering alternate domains in nations where chances of persecution for association with copyright infringing activities is slim. This action has been sparked by the domain seizures in the United States, performed by the Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency that occurred just a week ago.
Hackers calling themselves The Script Kiddies lived up to their name by assuming control of the official USA Today twitter feed this week. The group took the brief opportunity (the publication has since regained access) to engage in some cyber shenanigans - something it's quickly earning a reputation for.
Verizon will now reportedly forward copyright violation notices issued by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to subscribers accused of copyright infringement.
Despite a ruling in February by the highest European Court of Justice ruling that hosting sites can’t proactively filter copyrighted content as that would violate the privacy of users and hinder freedom of information, RapidShare has been ordered by a regional court in Germany to proactively filter the myriad of user files that are uploaded.
The Munich district court sentenced the operator of a German online shop to pay Nintendo a €1,000,000 compensation for selling so called "Slot 1" cards, allowing buyers to play copied games on their Nintendo DS, bypassing the console's copy protection.
A new crackdown supported by several European countries this week has succeeded in closing a popular movie portal called "" and saw several key backers apprehended by law enforcement officers during raids on homes and businesses.
Last year, a Portuguese anti-piracy organization called ACAPOR reported the IP addresses of 2000 alleged file sharers to the Attorney General of Portugal.  This week, the Department of Investigation and Penal Action (DIAP) released a statement saying that there...
Linking and viewing streaming video without permission from copyright holders is ruled legal by a US appeals court. But there are limits...don't try hosting such a file, or uploading one.
Since domain seizures based upon claims by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) began occurring in late November, some have questioned how the entertainment industry organizations were so empowered to provoke such action with a lack of legal justification and due process for their targets. Details of the financial activities of these organizations during the 3rd quarter of 2010, however, reveal what may be the answer.
A new piracy case in Sweden this week is a big deal said Rick Falkvinge, a Pirate Party founder. According to Falkvinge, who live-blogged the trial on Monday, the public agreed: not a seat was available in the Sollentuna courtroom. The unnamed female defendant was accused of sharing some 45,000 music tracks online - a record for local trials, he noted. She pleaded not guilty.
Contrary to popular belief, the Motion Picture Association of America doesn't hate the Internet, just the illegal file-sharing, counterfeiting and copyright infringement perpetrated over it daily. Big difference.
Since the Fail0verflow team and George “GeoHot” Hotz released information on Sony’s PS3 root key that would allow users to install an alternate OS on their consoles, some have said that the only way that the company could combat the hack is to release an entirely new console. Now, however, rumors have surfaced that Sony has indeed come up with a security solution for existing PS3 consoles.