McAfee has recently released its third quarter security report and the results are a bit surprising. The Intel owned company reports that malware targeting the Android platform is still on the rise. Android is solidly in the lead as the most targeted mobile platform.
The U.S. Copyright Group responsible for enforcing copyright and intellectual property in the United States reportedly stole the code from a competing service.
A coordinated DDoS attack from an unknown source temporarily knocked 4chan offline in the latest attack against the high-profile group. The 4chan forum helped to create and cultivate the Anonymous hacker group that has used DDoS attacks against numerous companies in recent months as part of Operation Payback.
As anti-piracy efforts continue, so too does the number of people sued by movie studios and record labels. A chart which purports to count the number of U.S. residents named as "John Does" in illicit file-sharing lawsuits is closing it on a new milestone. And with PROTECT IP not completely off the table, the number may continue to rise.
As reports are beginning to flood the internet about credit card theft which may be associated with the recent Sony PlayStation Network security breach, Microsoft has issued an alert to Xbox Live subscribers regarding phishing attempts directed at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players.
Kaspersky Labs has compiled a list of five major online security issues web denizens will read about, and possibly experience firsthand, come next year. Spoiler alert: 2012 will resemble 2011 in more ways than just expensive gas and anti-piracy legislation debates.
Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft II is the most popular PC game title of 2010, but shares the unfortunate distinction of being the most pirated game title of the year.
Yesterday WikiLeaks announced a workaround once again allowing them to process donations made in the form of credit card payments. As soon as Visa found out about said workaround they promptly shut it down once again blocking WikiLeaks from processing donations made via credit card.
It turns out that Sony isn’t the only major consumer electronics manufacturer with hacker troubles this week. Apple has also had a rough first week of the New Year, watching as the painstaking security measures they’ve implemented on iTunes and their brand-new Mac App Store were both compromised.
Anonymous members have been busy little cyber bees this month - stinging several targets. The hacker collective stepped up its ongoing attack on the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) this week with a single controversial photo. However, not everything is turning up roses for the group. Across the pond, a suspected member was arrested for launching DDoS attacks.
Is the United States federal government going too far in regards to some of the legal actions that have recently been taken against internet activity, and stifling its citizens First Amendment Rights? A growing segment of the population seems to believe so, and is beginning to speak out against the actions in order to bring awareness of the issues and possible long-term implications.
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