Today I'm taking a look at the OCZ Trion 150, a budget priced consumer grade SSD. The OCZ Trion 150 uses a Toshiba branded SSD controller harnessed to Toshiba 15nm TLC NAND. Let's find out how this budget SSD performs in this review.
Welcome to Myce’s review of the Samsung 860 PRO 256GB SATA SSD (hereafter referred to as the Samsung 860 PRO). The Samsung 860 PRO is the successor to Samsung’s very successful 850 PRO. The Samsung 860 PRO uses Samsung’s latest 64 layer, V-NAND 2bit MLC technology, and the newly designed MJX controller. It is available in three form factors – 2.5 inch, M.2 2280, and mSATA. It will be interesting to see how the Samsung the 860 PRO compares to the Samsung 860 EVO, which recently set new records for an SATA drive in many of our tests. Let the battle of 2 bit, MLC NAND (the 860 PRO) versus 3 bit, TLC NAND with clever SLC Write Cache technology (the 860 EVO) commence...
With HD DVD and Blu-ray players starting off expensive, this makes it the ideal time to get the most out of a HDTV set\'s capabilities with the use of a HD upscaling DVD player. NeoDigits was kind enough to send us their latest upscaling DVD player, an improved version over the NeuNeo. This review checks out upscaling capabilities, picture quality, features, usability and even the new chinese HVD high definition disc format.
We check out the new OCZ Vertex 2 100GB SSD, and take a look at the powerful new SandForce SF1200 SSD controller. Also check out the new MyCE Reality tests in this review.
One thing that has remained pretty constant since SSDs started to appear, is that the storage interface they connect to appears to struggle to keep pace with the performance levels of the SSD. The SATA2 interface was soon saturated by the SSDs of the day, and SATA3 hasn't done much better. If we look at mainstream PC platform chipsets such as the Intel Z68, Z77, Z87, and now Z97, they all have one thing in common. You have the high speed 'north' side of the board where the CPU, memory, and PCIe3 reside. PCIe3 connects direct to the CPU, and has 16 10Gbps lanes available for graphics cards or PCIe storage. That neatly brings us to the point of this article. In this review I will be checking out an M.2. PCIe SSD in the shape of the Plextor M6e M.2. Let's find out how it performs in this review.
Today I'm taking a look at the latest series of mainstream SATA SSD's from Toshiba OCZ, the VX500 series. Let's see how it performs in this review.
Its always hard to find a good SSD that has good performance and it also offers great value for the money, so here is the latest SSD from Crucial the BX500. I am taking a look at the 240GB. drive, to find out more about its performances continues reading this review.

Mitsumi CR-480ATE

  Review: Mitsumi CR-480ATE Reviewer: G@M3FR3@K Provided by: Mitsumi Electronics Europe GmbH Firmware: version 1.0C Production date: January 2002 As one of the first companies the Japanese Manufacturer Mitsumi is launching its new 32x IDE CD-Writer throughout Europe from the beginning of March this year....
Transcend sent us newer models of their 32GB & 256GB SSDs for retesting. These feature the newer JM616 controller, claiming up to 260MB/s read and 200MB/s write. We take a look at how they perform as well as against competing SSDs.
Welcome to Myce’s belated review of the Seagate 1200 400GB SAS Enterprise SSD (hereafter referred to as the Seagate 1200). Belated, especially as the Seagate 1200 has recently been succeeded by the 1200.2 (which we hope to review soon). There were a number of reasons for the delay. Firstly, the sample drive that was sent to Myce came with an early version of the firmware (01), which I found problems with. My thanks to Seagate for sorting this out (especially to Andy Beckwith) and updating the firmware level to 04. Secondly, the problems were with me. Suffice to say I am now able to bring you the review using a recent version of the OakGate system, which now includes OakGate’s native 12 Gbit/sec driver. I am keen to put the review into our catalogue of enterprise reviews, even if it is late, as the Seagate 1200 is an important drive from a big player in the enterprise storage market. Another advantage of performing this review belatedly is that the Seagate 1200 could be subjected to Myce’s comprehensive power consumption testing procedures, as announced here, and the Seagate 1200 gives us our first set of results for an SAS drive.
Not everyone want a flash drive just to move data from one place to another, some of us need o have a large drive with us all time and also a must is that the drive will be able to handle rough conditions. Lexar's Tough USB3.1 flash drive is here to rescue you, so lets take a look on what it has to offer and how it performs.
NeroLINUX is Nero's first application to run on the LINUX operating system and Nero AG was kind enough to supply us with a serial number so we could fully test this application. In this review we will be putting NeroLinux through its paces and seeing what this application has to offer to the LINUX user with CD/DVD burning in mind.

QNAP TS-639 PRO Review

We will review all three new QNAP models launched early 2009. We start in the middle with the TS-639 Pro.
Welcome to Myce’s first Enterprise class Solid State Storage (SSS) solution review. We are delighted that this review is for an Intel DC S3700 200GB SATA SSD, which is widely regarded as a first class Enterprise solution. The DC S3700 is a breakthrough product for Intel, which has propelled them into, once again, being a competitive player in the Enterprise Space. With the DC S3700 Intel has pushed a new byword and yardstick into the evaluation of SSS solutions – “Consistency”. So, we were excited to see if the DC S3700 would live up to its reputation when scrutinised by Myce’s new OakGate Technology based Enterprise Test Bench.
Welcome to Myce’s review of the Samsung PM863 Enterprise SSD. The PM863 is available in capacities of 120, 240, 480, 960, 1,920, and 3,840GB. The 960 GB drive is the subject of this review. Logically, the PM863 replaces the 845DC EVO in Samsung’s product portfolio. The PM863 introduces the use of 32 Layer, 3D TLC V-NAND (another first for Samsung) whereas the 845DC EVO used 2D TLC NAND. Will the PM863 improve upon the 845DC EVO which we awarded our ‘Outstanding’ rating? Please read on to find out.
Welcome to Myce’s review of the Toshiba Q300 PRO 1024GB SATA SSD (hereafter referred to as the Toshiba Q300 PRO). The Toshiba Q300 PRO was launched back in 2016. I think it is fair to say that although it was considered to be a strong performer, with strong endurance, it was thought by many to be overpriced. Now it is being discounted, I feel it is worth seeing how it stands up to recent products such as the Samsung 860 PRO - please read on to find out.