The Discfolio is a slick disc carrying case that folds up for easy travel and storage.
Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate Review
The Ballistix Elite DDR4 RAM has been updated, on size and it also got a small boost on the speed, now the top DDR4 RAM that Ballistix has to offer can reach a maximum speed of 3466Mhz, so let find you how the preform.


VSO Software have developed DivXToDVD 2.0 as a quick and easy way to put AVI, DivX and other commonly used media files onto a DVD so that they are viewable on any standalone DVD player. Lets take alook at this new version of the software.
The ASUS DRW-1608P3S is X Multi DVD±R/RW drive capable of reading data from and writing data on DVD+R/RW/DVD-R/RW/ DVD-RAM formats. The dual compatibility feature of the DRW-1608P3S allows you to create DVDs that can be played or read by most DVD-ROM drives and DVD players. This function provides you with flexibility and efficiency in terms of multimedia data storage and sharing.