Open-source software is a type of software that can be used by everyone for free without any obligation to the developer.The source of this software is also distributed with the software and may be changed or modified by anyone.Modifications...
If you enjoy creating good looking and creative content for your social media platforms, whether you have a business or you’re just a regular user, Adobe Spark is your solution. According to recent studies, images and videos catch your...
Are you on the lookout for a cloud hosting service for your business or simply for personal documents and data? In the modern world, everything has become wireless and online. This means the way we share data with others...
The source code of open source movie copy software BDneXtCOPY is now available for download on
The start menu that will likely re-appear in Windows 8.1 (Blue) but will not be the start menu you're used to
The developers of DVD Ranger have released open source movie copy software, according to them based on the code of DVDneXtCOPY
Enterprises are not embracing Windows 8, most of them are focusing on getting on Windows 7 and don't see any benefits of moving to Windows 8.
EA will no longer sell games that use the Online Pass Program which allows a game to be installed on only one computer or console.
Windows 8.1 is coming, and it is more than a service pack, and more like a re-release of Window's newest, and most controversial operating system.
Isobuster 3.2 is now able to undelete files and folder from Windows 8 and below
Acer is hopeful about the changes that Microsoft has made to Windows 8 and is optimistic about the upcoming Windows 8.1 update.
Spotify has, as expected, closed the loophole that made it possible to download streaming tracks to computers in the MP3 format.
A Dutch developer has created a Chrome extension that makes it possible to download songs directly from Spotify for free
Microsoft has sold 100 million licenses of Windows 8 and users have downloaded more than 250 million apps from the Windows 8 app store
A developer has released an application that makes it possible to continue use MSN, the instant messaging service Microsoft recently shut down.
Six months after it's introduction Windows 8 has a market share of nearly 4 percent.