France-based video game publisher Ubisoft elicited scorn from gamers and consumer rights advocates due to its widespread implementation of 'always on' DRM protection within the PC versions of countless titles. The measure was intended to cut-down on piracy, but found little favor within the gaming community. In January, the company relented and removed all DRM via an update. Ironically, Ubisoft is now being accused of including music torrents from file-sharing site Demonoid as a bonus in the PC release of hit game "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood." Especially odd since the music in question is Ubisoft's own "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood" soundtrack. has posted an interview with Julie Larson-Green, head of the Windows product development team at Microsoft.
Even though Apple is a bit late with its iTunes offering in Latin America, the company is expected to receive a strong boost after launching the service in Mexico on Aug. 4.
New information turned up during Sony's internal investigation into the malicious hacking which prompted the shutdown of PlayStation Network and Qriocity services - affecting nearly 77 million registered members worldwide - suggests that around 24 million Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) accounts could also have been compromised. In addition, over 10,000 credit cards stored in an "outdated database" might now be on the hard drives of hackers according to the company.
While Windows 8 isn't out for a week yet, malware makers are trying to ride the wave of publicity Microsoft's latest OS gets. Anti-virus company TrendMicro has posted two security threats on their blog that specifically target Windows 8.
Five nations have been singled out by U.S. lawmakers who say the specified countries have showed little effort to stifle widespread piracy.
It's been a strange past two days for Microsoft. Online security company Sophos criticized the Redmond software giant's recent Windows 8 developer preview on Friday for its lackluster anti-virus detection. A new security flub involving Internet Explorer rival Google Chrome, however, could easily be mistaken as overcompensation.
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Retailers who are in the business of selling used video games could find their doors shuttered in the future, thanks to a Court of Appeals ruling stating that software companies may prohibit customers from reselling products.
Near-field communication and mobile barcode scanning haven't quite become de rigueur payment options, but strong early support for the nascent technologies will change that in the next five years, says market analysis company NPD In-Stat.
HWMonitor is C.P.U.I.D.'s freeware hardware monitoring program for the P.C., capable of reading voltage, temperature, and fan speed (shown as R.P.M.). The program can handle most common sensor chips and can read the on-die core thermal sensors of the...
Fengtao software has just released a beta version of its very well known and respected DVDFab, which supports, as a world’s first all-in-one, Blu ray rip, compress and burn.
A month-long study by The NPD Group found that nearly half of all complete digital video game purchases are made via mobile devices such as smart phones - even among respondents who have access to other game-playing hardware, such as video game consoles and personal computers.
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company has learned from past mistakes and will not miss out as the industry continues a trend towards cloud services that are able to support work and entertainment from any location.
China's decision to block web content it deems inappropriate or harmful has come under renewed U.S. scrutiny this week. According to Reuters, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu shirked off criticism that American sites were being treated unfairly. Instead, she framed the country's stance as fair and helpful to citizens.