has posted an interview with Julie Larson-Green, head of the Windows product development team at Microsoft.
France-based video game publisher Ubisoft elicited scorn from gamers and consumer rights advocates due to its widespread implementation of 'always on' DRM protection within the PC versions of countless titles. The measure was intended to cut-down on piracy, but found little favor within the gaming community. In January, the company relented and removed all DRM via an update. Ironically, Ubisoft is now being accused of including music torrents from file-sharing site Demonoid as a bonus in the PC release of hit game "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood." Especially odd since the music in question is Ubisoft's own "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood" soundtrack.
Anonymous often alleges it's "doing it for the lulz." This time, the joke may have been on them. The hacker collective hyped a real-life global Sony boycott over the weekend in retaliation to the company's treatment of George Hotz and Alexander Egorenkov (AKA graf_chokolo). Despite a Facebook event page and the group's own official news site spreading the word, a less-than-expected number of supporters ended up trekking to Sony stores on Saturday for the sit-in.
Online retailer HSN made a mistake, it has put Windows 8 PCs online too early. We have the details...
Real Networks hopes to enhance interactive gaming with the release of GameHouse for Facebook, which can be played directly into the leading social networking site.
Following the launch of a developers-only Windows 8 preview on Tuesday, Microsoft delved deeper into the future of its popular web browser. Internet Explorer 10's third platform preview was also included in the aforementioned build, allowing developers more hands-on time with its unique Metro-style layout. The ultimate goal for IE10, said Stephen Sinofsky, Windows Live president, is a "a truly chromeless browsing experience."
Are you on the lookout for a cloud hosting service for your business or simply for personal documents and data? In the modern world, everything has become wireless and online. This means the way we share data with others...
Best Buy is now publicly introducing its video game trade-in for customers interested in receiving a Best Buy gift card in exchange for finished games.
The Android Market. Apple's App Store. The Mozilla Marketplace? The Firefox browser creator is hoping to open up a one-stop shop for applications that can be used across all HTML5-enabled devices. To reach that lofty goal, Mozilla will give developers a crack at it during next week's annual Mobile World Congress expo in Barcelona.
CorelDraw is a vector graphics editor with an extensive toolset for creating and editing unique images. The company was first launched in the design community in 2004. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 offers a brand new and innovative version for...
The Windows rumor mill has begun swirling in recent weeks about Microsoft’s next generation operating system, Windows 8, and the features we might see when the product finally hits the market sometime next year.
While Windows 8 isn't out for a week yet, malware makers are trying to ride the wave of publicity Microsoft's latest OS gets. Anti-virus company TrendMicro has posted two security threats on their blog that specifically target Windows 8.
Hewlett-Packard announced late last month that it acquired struggling smartphone maker Palm for a cool $1.2 billion, with analysts curious to hear what HP planned to do with the company.
It's been a strange past two days for Microsoft. Online security company Sophos criticized the Redmond software giant's recent Windows 8 developer preview on Friday for its lackluster anti-virus detection. A new security flub involving Internet Explorer rival Google Chrome, however, could easily be mistaken as overcompensation.
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If your one of the millions of Adobe Reader users all over the world and have an interest in learning to play golf, it’s time to pay more attention to the files you download. A nasty, new version of the Zero-Day exploit has once again begun targeting Adobe customers with an exploit code that has been disguised as an email with a PDF file of a golf lesson attached.