France-based video game publisher Ubisoft elicited scorn from gamers and consumer rights advocates due to its widespread implementation of 'always on' DRM protection within the PC versions of countless titles. The measure was intended to cut-down on piracy, but found little favor within the gaming community. In January, the company relented and removed all DRM via an update. Ironically, Ubisoft is now being accused of including music torrents from file-sharing site Demonoid as a bonus in the PC release of hit game "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood." Especially odd since the music in question is Ubisoft's own "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood" soundtrack. has posted an interview with Julie Larson-Green, head of the Windows product development team at Microsoft.
Nobody likes scareware - save for the bums who use it to dupe unsuspecting folks out of their hard-earned cash. Know who especially dislikes it? The Federal Bureau of Investigation. On Thursday the FBI announced it had "disrupted" two different global rings engaged in various scareware-related criminal activities. The organization's international effort, dubbed "Operation Trident Tribunal," was aided by authorities in a dozen countries, including domestic bureau offices in Seattle and Minneapolis.
The cloud is a promised land of huge offsite storage and wonderful new applications according to the giants of the software industry.  Unfortunately, it isn't always accessible.  Today, just before 2 pm Pacific time in the US, Microsoft's Azure...
Hewlett-Packard announced late last month that it acquired struggling smartphone maker Palm for a cool $1.2 billion, with analysts curious to hear what HP planned to do with the company.
McAfee has recently released its third quarter security report and the results are a bit surprising. The Intel owned company reports that malware targeting the Android platform is still on the rise. Android is solidly in the lead as the most targeted mobile platform.
CorelDraw is a vector graphics editor with an extensive toolset for creating and editing unique images. The company was first launched in the design community in 2004. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 offers a brand new and innovative version for...
A big boom in the mobile banking app market this year means more consumers are comfortable with logging online to check their stocks and statements. However, ambivalence among smartphone users toward cyber security and malware could spell disaster.
Video game company Electronic Arts has been widely criticized for monopolistic business practices, shuttering studios and spearheading a controversial anti-used game online pass program that has quickly become de rigueur for other publishing heavyweights. But does that make it the worst company in America? According to The Consumerist, yes, it does.
For the past year and a half, J. Alex Halderman has been leading a double life. By day, Halderman was an assistant professor of computer science and electrical engineering at the University of Michigan. By night, he and a team of fellow experts combined their technical prowess to craft software which renders anti-censorship efforts moot. If it sounds similar to a comic book superhero team fighting for the rights of those who don't even know their true identities, well - that's because it sort of is.
A new tool makes it possible to remove advertisements in all Metro applications installed on your system.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company has learned from past mistakes and will not miss out as the industry continues a trend towards cloud services that are able to support work and entertainment from any location.
Kaspersky Labs has compiled a list of five major online security issues web denizens will read about, and possibly experience firsthand, come next year. Spoiler alert: 2012 will resemble 2011 in more ways than just expensive gas and anti-piracy legislation debates.
HWMonitor is C.P.U.I.D.'s freeware hardware monitoring program for the P.C., capable of reading voltage, temperature, and fan speed (shown as R.P.M.). The program can handle most common sensor chips and can read the on-die core thermal sensors of the...
Microsoft has been shaking things up lately, with new operating systems, Skydrive, Office 2013 in the wings, and new tablets coming out.  Now they have set their sights on an old standby, Hotmail.  The venerable email service is going...
Even though Apple is a bit late with its iTunes offering in Latin America, the company is expected to receive a strong boost after launching the service in Mexico on Aug. 4.