A developer has found a method to hide advertisements in Windows 8 Metro applications
Old time friend of the site Peter van de Hove, author of Isobuster, has informed us that he's running a promotion where you can get 40% off instantly...
Nobody loves malware developers - apparently, not even other malware developers. A fight between a devious rootkit creator and a backstabbing patron proves the old adage: all's fair in love and (cyber) war.
YouTube is a social website where the sport of trolling has thrived due to limited comment moderation. Now, however, people who have been on the receiving end of nasty YouTube comments are striking back by filing lawsuits to have the identity of their harassers made public.
A new peer-to-peer file-sharing service is allowing users to not only share pictures, audio clips, and videos, but also encourages real-time chat via text and webcam.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs took a temporary break from the current Apple iPhone mess with Gizmodo to write an open letter criticizing the Adobe Flash platform.
Microsoft is revamping its Hotmail service with new features, including clean-up tools, a revamped flagging system, custom categories and a one-click unsubscribe button.
Cloud-based file-sharing services like Rapidshare, Megaupload, and Megavideo have been under fire for years because of copyright infringing activity that occurs on their websites, but recently the level of scrutiny has increased to the point that site owners have decided to launch their own counter-campaign to inform people that their services are not the “piracy havens” that certain entertainment industry groups make them out to be.
Best Buy is now publicly introducing its video game trade-in for customers interested in receiving a Best Buy gift card in exchange for finished games.
Can’t we all just get along? If we’re asking this question in reference to Windows Live and Xbox Live cross-platform gaming matches, some reports are stating that Microsoft has decided that the answer is definitely, “No.”
Since we’re now wise to rogueware that is spread by posing as fake antivirus clients and disk defragmenting tools, cyber-criminals have moved on to using fake video media players as their disguise.
Some of the top executives at Google took the stage in San Francisco this morning to host a live broadcast event where they unveiled the new Chrome Web Store and the Pilot Program for the companies highly-anticipated Chrome OS Netbooks.
When the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) took down Torrent-Finder along with 81 other domains in November during a raid against alleged copyright infringing websites, Waleed Gadelkareem’s life was turned upside-down as his popular Bit-Torrent search engine, Torrent-Finder, was caught up in the mix. Now, just one month later, things are running pretty smoothly for Waleed and Torrent-Finder, thanks to a great deal of perseverance on his part and a little help from Google.
Lately it seems like the entire world is against The Pirate Bay. Users are reporting that Microsoft is blocking links to the popular torrent site on Windows Live Messenger.
Video game retailer GameStop sees big things in the future for online digital video game distribution. The Texas-based company bought up streaming services Spawn Labs and Impulse -- both specializing in digital distribution -- last week.
HP has finally made a decision about the fate of WebOS and it seems that decision does not involve killing off the OS all together. The company held an all hands meeting on Friday morning and during that meeting it was announced that WebOS would live as an open source project.