Mozilla not only launched the latest iteration of Firefox this week, but also revamped its tablet-centric browser to what the company has dubbed "magazine-like." Firing on all cylinders, the company broke down what customers should expect from the new releases.
Microsoft's long-expected Hotmail service update has left users frustrated and Microsoft scrambling to find a solution to continued problems.
The Internet/television hybrid service Google TV will see a European launch in 2012 according to Eric Schmidt, Google executive chairman. Schmidt added that revisions to the previously released U.S. model were forthcoming, and that a big announcement would be made "shortly."
A user over at who goes by the name stoneMcClane has released what is purported to be the first legal homebrew FTP server for the PS3.
Sony has re-listed the Facebook application for its new PS Vita handheld, allowing users to once again download and sign into the popular social networking service -- minus the spotty performance and annoying error codes which plagued the initial version's launch.
On Tuesday, Firefox users began reporting on the mozillaZine forums that a “Search Helper Extension” had been mysteriously added to their browser upon restarting the application after the Windows Update installation.
The popular music app GrooveShark is no longer available on Android platforms via the official Market after Google yanked the plug out of its amplifier this week. This marks the second time Escape Media Group's music sharing software has been booed off the stage in as many years.
The much anticipated BioShock 2 video game will be released as a boxed game and a digital download, 2K Games confirmed.
An anti-virus update from Kaspersky has crippled thousands of PCs
Bucking current trends, a Sony Computer Entertainment America representative this week confirmed a rumor that game software for its PS Vita handheld system's North American release will cost slightly less when purchased digitally than at a brick-and-mortar shop. The announcement comes at a time when Vita hardware sales in Japan have slumped, with few titles lighting up weekly sales charts.
Find out what the latest Nero 12 Platinum multimedia package is like in this detailed preview brought to you by MyCE.
Since we’re now wise to rogueware that is spread by posing as fake antivirus clients and disk defragmenting tools, cyber-criminals have moved on to using fake video media players as their disguise.
A malicious new worm is infecting Windows-based computers according to top online security companies. Classified as "Morto" - which means death - it can muck up the works of networked PCs. But are everyday web denizens likely to be affected?
With online data security being at the forefront of consumers’ minds after several recent high-profile breaches, cloud storage service Dropbox is now coming under fire for the way they handle customers’ files.
When the makers of PS Jailbreak launched their PS Downgrade USB key just a few weeks ago it was advertised to work on PS3 firmware version 3.42 “and beyond”. While the downgrade key did actually work on firmware version 3.50, Sony has just rolled out firmware version 3.55 and it’s being reported that the downgrade functionality is now disabled.
Its safe to say that mega-technology giant Microsoft wouldn't be where it is today without help from its intelligent and innovative crew of employees. The proof in that statement is validated by taking a look at the "Microsoft Garage," which is a side projected created by Microsoft that gives free creative and developmental reign to its employees.