A federal court judge ruled on Monday that cloud music service MP3tunes does not violate copyright laws when it stored only a single copy of a song on its servers, instead of one copy per user. With all of the cloud music options out there right now including Google and Amazon, there are a lot of people very happy about this decision.
Are you on the lookout for a cloud hosting service for your business or simply for personal documents and data? In the modern world, everything has become wireless and online. This means the way we share data with others...
The rise of casual video games has led to new customers that the video game industry hadn't catered to in the past, offering a new revenue stream in a growing multi-billion dollar market.
One encouraging sign for a country recovering from a recession is when consumers start snapping up products again. Though the U.S. is not out of the woods yet, a new report provides some happy news for at least one aspect of the economy. People are buying gadgets, tablets and computer software in droves according to a new report. Formerly atypical cyber shopping continues to expand and turn profits for e-commerce businesses.
Nintendo's woebegone 3DS handheld has finally hit its stride. Several high-profile games for the system hit shelves this fall, and impressive global sales figures followed a huge August price drop. A new downloadable update released on Wednesday adds 3D video recording capabilities - the latest multimedia application for what the company has dubbed its "most connected system to date."
Apple appears to be cleansing the iPhone App Store of adult content, with several developers saying their sex-themed apps were suddenly removed.
If you're on Windows 8 and can't get around the fact that you don't have a start menu on your desktop then there is a wide range of applications to put it back for you. A very popular one is Start8 from the software company Stardock which released version 1.1. today.
Microsoft is determined to alter the boot experience with Windows 8. This week, the software powerhouse outlined several goals for the evolution attempt - one the company itself believes is long overdue - at the Building Windows 8 blog.
E-retailers raked in the dough in what was one of the busiest online shopping seasons in recent years. According to research firm comScore, cyber shoppers in the U.S. spent over $35 billion from November 1 to Christmas Day - a 15 percent increase over last year's figures.
A team led by Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière at Bordeux-based Immersion has figured out how to integrate multi-touch technology to create a 3D table-top display that allows viewers to interact without breaking the 3D illusion.
Not one week ago Sony released a new PlayStation 3 firmware update which implemented cloud-saving for its PlayStation Plus subscribers and featured some understandably secretive behind-the-scenes security features meant to prevent future hacking. Today, a hacker is purporting that he broke firmware 3.60 and posted a video to prove it.
YouSendIt has always been a go to website to send files to other folks but now the companies offerings are much more robust. The file sending company has now added cloud storage and file syncing to their bag of tricks making themselves into a Dropbox competitor overnight. What's even more exciting is that YouSendIt has an unlimited storage option for a very reasonable price.
Sony jumped the gun on a software patch for its new handheld gaming system the PS Vita this week. The company quickly pulled update v1.65 after its Monday release, citing a "technical fault" that disables ad-hoc multiplayer modes for PSP games.
The double-digit market share that Mozilla Firefox currently enjoys will be a distant memory in three to five years, according to one of the people who created the browser.
Google's journey to convert IE and Firefox users to its Chrome browser is never-ending. The company's latest round of improvements focuses on the Chrome Web Store and getting the software offered within to as many people as possible.
Weeks ahead of Sony's latest, greatest gaming handheld's Japanese launch date, the company has announced that a pending firmware patch will add PS Vita support to its PlayStation 3 console this week. Sony hasn't been shy about the cross-platform possibilities, so calling this update important would be an understatement.