A team led by Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière at Bordeux-based Immersion has figured out how to integrate multi-touch technology to create a 3D table-top display that allows viewers to interact without breaking the 3D illusion.
Smart phones, TVs, media tablets and PCs have done wonders to popularize video calling, but there's still room for growth. Research firm In-Stat estimates the novel feature will grow from 63 million users in 2010 to over 380 million by 2015.
Virtual CD 10 launch to launch with support for Blu-ray & HD DVD writer & media emulation, Windows 7 support and a completely new user interface.
Microsoft's Russian branch publicly posted a screenshot of the new Internet Explorer 9 user interface, with a look into what users can expect as Microsoft tries to steal some of its lost marketshare back from rivals.
Noticed fewer emails from broke Nigerian princes and companies hocking penis pills cluttering your inbox lately? Microsoft claims it's at least partially responsible for a decline in online spam since 2008. And the company says it's only getting warmed up.
Spam is the bane of the internet. It's one aspect all web denizens would agree they could do without. Whether an offer for a quick and easy money-making scheme or the chance to enlarge something other than your checking account balance, spam is a constant thorn stuck inside millions of inboxes. However, thanks to the closure of a major spam provider countless email accounts may be a little less cluttered with unsolicited offers from Nigerian princes.
The Court of Justice of the EU ruled against Oracle in their attempt to stop resale of their software by the German firm UsedSoft.  The court said that a company loses its exclusive right to distribution of software upon...
China's decision to block web content it deems inappropriate or harmful has come under renewed U.S. scrutiny this week. According to Reuters, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu shirked off criticism that American sites were being treated unfairly. Instead, she framed the country's stance as fair and helpful to citizens.
Microsoft started its BUILD conference in Anaheim, CA on Tuesday with an announcement that likely made quite a few attendees squeal like extremely geeky schoolgirls: a developers-only preview version of its upcoming Windows 8 platform will be available "later today." Free Samsung prototype PCs with the preview OS built right in didn't hurt, either. The software giant outlined several new elements developers can explore and discussed improvements made to its predecessor's winning formula.
New technology always goes through phases. A product or service is released with limited appeal; either due to a high cost that makes most balk or a limit in its perceived value, few adopt it. Sometimes people just don't understand it. It's weird...different. Then, something magical happens. Costs come down. People aren't so scared anymore. Everyone else is doing it. It's hip. Video calling may soon cross that crucial line between "why?" and "why not?"
Microsoft started the week by announcing a hotfix for a continued problem some users complained about, only to find a day later another issue related to the DLL-loading security flaw that could threaten hundreds of programs.
Smaller search engines specializing in torrents and video streaming have come under fire recently for promoting copyright infringement, but the major search engines have escaped most of the legal controversy until now.
Lately it seems like the entire world is against The Pirate Bay. Users are reporting that Microsoft is blocking links to the popular torrent site on Windows Live Messenger.
Don't know how to work with Adobe Illustrator? To try your hand at it, you can use the Adobe Illustrator free trial for seven days before deciding whether or not to pay $20.99 per month.Adobe Illustrator is software designed...
Microsoft and Adobe could have remained opponents in the lucrative PC and Internet software businesses, but they may now create an alliance to compete against Apple. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Adobe CEO Shantan Narayen recently met and it was just a 'routine' discussion between the two CEOs, according to sources, but the rumor mill has been on fire since the private discussions took place.
Google's Chrome browser is going to get an update with a few interesting capabilities in early 2012. At a recent conference, Google developer advocate Paul Kinlan revealed that the browser would be getting plug and play support for microphones, webcams, and gamepads.