As smart phones become the norm, more and more cyber crooks have approached mobile platforms with new ways to spread their malware, viruses and spam. The attacks themselves have also become more creatively sinister, circumventing both protection and common sense. Count a new, bold ploy which offered fake copies of hot gaming apps loaded with a hidden SMS exploit to Android users among the latter.
Security researchers have found a security exploit in iOS 5 and iOS 6 which allows malicious sites to steal images and videos from the phone.
Creative developers are becoming more and more focused on connecting people and displaying the world in novel new ways. From a touchscreen map that stretches and contorts to map-editing software for aspiring cartographers, how we see the lay of the land is changing.
Cloud-based file-sharing services like Rapidshare, Megaupload, and Megavideo have been under fire for years because of copyright infringing activity that occurs on their websites, but recently the level of scrutiny has increased to the point that site owners have decided to launch their own counter-campaign to inform people that their services are not the “piracy havens” that certain entertainment industry groups make them out to be.
Imangi Studios' hit iOS game "Temple Run" is slated to hit Android platforms on February 9. Cyber scammers seized on the anticipated event by uploading a malicious facsimile of the mobile app to the Android Market this week, infecting downloaders' devices with annoying advertisements and, worse still, no actual game.
Microsoft is taking a more global approach with Windows 8, adding 14 new languages and dialects to its upcoming operating system. Combined with the dozens already offered in Windows 7, the company says the platform will support 109 total languages.
During a financial results briefing last week, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata answered a slew of investor questions ranging from concerns over the company's recent 3DS price cut and muddied information about its novel 3D effects to the impact of social gaming on more traditional options.
Not content with simply replicating Windows 7 boot times in its upcoming Windows 8 OS, Microsoft is speeding things up. And for good reason, explained Stephen Sinofsky, Windows Live President. "No feature gets talked about and measured more [than boot time]," wrote Sinofsky at the Building Windows 8 blog. Cutting down on boot-ups and minimizing the amount of reboots following patch downloads are core design tenets for Windows 8, he explained. However, the ultimate goal is faster boot times period. The executive claims it's mission accomplished. "We made a bigger leap in this area with Windows 8 than we have in a long time," said Sinofsky.
Microsoft employee Rob Copeland has posted an interesting blog on the Microsoft website explaining why Windows 8 graphics are an improvement over previous versions of Windows. The author claims that hardware acceleration has increased performance considerably. While one might...
Microsoft announced on Wednesday that more non-profit organizations are now privy to receiving free software donations - including Windows 7 and Office 2010 - from the company. Additionally, the amount of requests NPOs can make for available software is receiving a much-needed boost.
Microsoft has confirmed its Office 2010 software suite will be released next June, with a Mac OS X version expected sometime after the Windows launch date.
Smaller search engines specializing in torrents and video streaming have come under fire recently for promoting copyright infringement, but the major search engines have escaped most of the legal controversy until now.
An old cliché goes that during a stressful or dangerous moment, real-life seems to slow to a crawl. That hackneyed saying was somehow applied to the frenetic online arena of popular first-person shooter, "Modern Warfare 3."
Microsoft has told PC Pro that their decision to remove the start menu from Windows 8 is because people are hardly using it. According to a product manager of Microsoft they have gathered data through their Microsoft Experience Improvement Program and this data shows that people have adopted pinning applications on the task bar instead of using the start menu.
How does a company like Microsoft overhaul their search engine and quickly come up with a product like Bing to compete with Google’s long-standing and highly successful search product? Google says that Bing has been copying their search results, and actually set a trap to catch the competing search engine in the act.
Microsoft today released the release candidate of the Windows 7 XP Mode add-on, which offers Windows 7 users a virtualized XP environment to work in if there are any "Windows XP Mode provides what we like to call that 'last...