On Tuesday, Firefox users began reporting on the mozillaZine forums that a “Search Helper Extension” had been mysteriously added to their browser upon restarting the application after the Windows Update installation.
Whether you love it or loathe it, DRM is here to stay. Microsoft needs no convincing about its necessity, but a recent DRM library from the software giant sets up users for a potential hack attack.
When we think of phishing attacks and hacked user accounts, it’s usually weak passwords that are at the root of the vulnerability. Soon, however, your usernames could actually be the key that cybercriminals use as the basis for staging phishing attacks.
VOIP researcher by day, PS3 tinkerer by night, Youness Alaoui (AKA KaKaRoTo) took a brief vacation in November from his ongoing work to jailbreak (again) Sony's gaming machine. Last fall, Alaoui made strides with firmware 3.73 and the latest update, 4.00. A recent blog post from the well-known hacker confirmed work is ongoing and a release is impossible to date.
NTI Corporation today announced Echo 3,  cloning software which allows you to clone a computer's older storage drive to a new replacement drive. This release brings two new features: One-to-One Cloning and User Defined Cloning. One-to-One Cloning will retain the...
For the past year and a half, J. Alex Halderman has been leading a double life. By day, Halderman was an assistant professor of computer science and electrical engineering at the University of Michigan. By night, he and a team of fellow experts combined their technical prowess to craft software which renders anti-censorship efforts moot. If it sounds similar to a comic book superhero team fighting for the rights of those who don't even know their true identities, well - that's because it sort of is.
Numerous users around the web are reporting that the latest update to Windows 8 is failing.
Comcast has introduced a new cloud-based service that allows subscribers to store pictures, movies, data and other information online.
Personal and business customers who purchase Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate, will have the right to downgrade to Windows XP until the end of the Windows 7 life cycle in 2020, Microsoft announced Monday.
Nero has released version 12 of their famous multi-media package which adds a lot of new functionality.
A user over at github.com who goes by the name stoneMcClane has released what is purported to be the first legal homebrew FTP server for the PS3.
I wonder if there are any Windows Vista fans, but if there are any, then their time is running out. Microsoft has announced that it will cease support for this Operating System. No new service packs will be developed...
Despite being decidedly not alive, Apple's electronic assistant Siri is pro-life. Or at least that's how it seems after customers posed the voice recognition software with the tough question of where to find an abortion clinic. Siri will point toward pro-life women's clinics and health centers, but not to, say, Planned Parenthood.
A new Zero-Day exploit has been discovered to exist in every version of Internet Explorer, and, with the help of a little social engineering, it has the potential to get a hold of personal data by stealing a user’s cookies.
Two new DVDFab Guides were added to our DVDFab forum. The first guide explains how to use DVDFab together with ImgBurn; the second DVDFab guide covers DVDFab Passkey, and tries to answer the most frequently asked question concerning features, installation, settings of DVDFab Passkey.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs took a temporary break from the current Apple iPhone mess with Gizmodo to write an open letter criticizing the Adobe Flash platform.