Five nations have been singled out by U.S. lawmakers who say the specified countries have showed little effort to stifle widespread piracy.
Following the launch of a developers-only Windows 8 preview on Tuesday, Microsoft delved deeper into the future of its popular web browser. Internet Explorer 10's third platform preview was also included in the aforementioned build, allowing developers more hands-on time with its unique Metro-style layout. The ultimate goal for IE10, said Stephen Sinofsky, Windows Live president, is a "a truly chromeless browsing experience."
DVDFab DVD Copy is a familiar name to most of us but how does the new version 9 measure up? Find out in this in depth review brought to you exclusively by Myce.
Retailers who are in the business of selling used video games could find their doors shuttered in the future, thanks to a Court of Appeals ruling stating that software companies may prohibit customers from reselling products.
Microsoft isn't shy when it comes to discussing Windows 8. The Redmond software giant has been documenting the OS' development for the past six months and pushed a preview version into developers' eager little hands in September. A new "consumer preview" (read: fancy word for beta) of Windows 8 is slated for February 29 - an apropos day for the company to prove the platform isn't just a step above Windows 7, but a leap over it.
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Fengtao software has just released a beta version of its very well known and respected DVDFab, which supports, as a world’s first all-in-one, Blu ray rip, compress and burn.
New information turned up during Sony's internal investigation into the malicious hacking which prompted the shutdown of PlayStation Network and Qriocity services - affecting nearly 77 million registered members worldwide - suggests that around 24 million Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) accounts could also have been compromised. In addition, over 10,000 credit cards stored in an "outdated database" might now be on the hard drives of hackers according to the company.
Online retailer HSN made a mistake, it has put Windows 8 PCs online too early. We have the details...
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company has learned from past mistakes and will not miss out as the industry continues a trend towards cloud services that are able to support work and entertainment from any location.
It's been a strange past two days for Microsoft. Online security company Sophos criticized the Redmond software giant's recent Windows 8 developer preview on Friday for its lackluster anti-virus detection. A new security flub involving Internet Explorer rival Google Chrome, however, could easily be mistaken as overcompensation.
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The FBI announced this week that dozens of individuals have been charged in the US and Europe with creating a computer virus and using it to siphon millions of dollars from victims’ bank accounts.
The Android Market. Apple's App Store. The Mozilla Marketplace? The Firefox browser creator is hoping to open up a one-stop shop for applications that can be used across all HTML5-enabled devices. To reach that lofty goal, Mozilla will give developers a crack at it during next week's annual Mobile World Congress expo in Barcelona.
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In an effort to recruit more subscribers to its PicasaWeb storage services, today Google drastically cut prices for the cloud-based service while hoping to undercut competitors.