Computer vendors will sell less PCs this year for the second year in a row.
Slysoft has released a beta version of AnyDVD that disables the Cinavia copy protection for various Blu-ray playback applications.
Microsoft is working on an update to Windows 8 that brings Internet Explorer 11 and should become available by August this year.
It seems that Microsoft isn't immune from hacks either following recent revelations
The cloud is a promised land of huge offsite storage and wonderful new applications according to the giants of the software industry.  Unfortunately, it isn't always accessible.  Today, just before 2 pm Pacific time in the US, Microsoft's Azure...
Acrobat Reader security risks exploited by online hackers
Microsoft pushes further ahead with Messenger shutdown
Microsoft Office 2013 can be installed on one PC, if you buy a new PC you'll have to buy a new license.
Blue would not only be the codename for a large update for Windows 8 but also a large update for Windows Phone, Windows Server, Hotmail and Skydrive. Microsoft will update its products every year from now on, according to ZDNet.
An anti-virus update from Kaspersky has crippled thousands of PCs
Windows 8 is popular with gamers as 8.76% of the Steam users are running the operating system. For average computer users Windows 8 has a market share of 2.26%.
Users are reporting that is down and also that Office 365, the cloud version of Office 2013 is unreachable.
Windows 8 reached a market share of 2.26% after it was officially launched three months ago.
While Microsoft has announced that Windows 8 is a success, the company seems to see lower than expected sales for Windows RT, the tablet version of Windows 8.
Microsoft officially released Office 365 Home Premium and Office 2013 today. Read more for the changes and prices...
Microsoft has reported record revenues thanks to the sales of Windows 8.