Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard are expected to invest up to $250 million over the next three years in a joint partnership that will see the two companies collaborate on "dynamic IT solutions."
Zip files, photos, movies and music are all welcome soon on Google Docs.
Microsoft has finally decided to make it possible to rent copies of Windows and Office, after a few years of continued research in different markets across the world.
The legal saga between former partners Microsoft and i4i is finally over, as Microsoft has complied with a court order to offer modified versions of Office.
Microsoft announced pricing information for its latest Office 2010 software, with prices ranging from $99 to $499.
Happy New Year from everyone at MyCE! A brand new year will bring in brand new technology and consumer electronics products. So what will the technology gods bring us in 2010? Here are a few predictions from us.
Microsoft is deciding how to handle a very unique issue, after a Chinese software company released a Ubuntu-based Linux operating system named Ylmf OS that very closely mimics Windows XP.
Most video game studios are anxiously awaiting the end of 2009, a turbulent year in which video game software and hardware sales flatlined as the economy continued to take its toll.
Microsoft has received compliments for its Windows 7 operating system, but the OS still has been unable to become relevant in the netbook market.
Vonage recently rolled out an unlimited international calling plan that allows Apple iPhone and RIM BlackBerry phone owners to make calls while outside of the country.
The Opera 10.5 pre-alpha has been released by Opera Software, with the early edition software expected to better compete with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
A U.S. Federal Circuit Court of Appeals today ruled Microsoft can no longer sell certain versions of Word, due to software patent infringements owned by a technology company in Canada.
A report published in the Wall Street Journal indicates Apple plans to create a new monthly subscription portion of iTunes dedicated to TV content, with CBS and Disney already interested in providing shows for the new service.
The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has revealed the latest feature of Bluetooth 4.0 specifications, aiming at helping provide service for wireless low-energy applications.
Microsoft has finally settled a long running issue between the software maker and European regulators, agreeing to offer a randomized list of different browsers that users can choose from upon initial setup.
The Jolicloud Linux operating system today entered pre-beta so any user now can install it on a netbook or mobile device, as even more software makers begin to create light, fast-booting OSes.