Acer Chairman J.T. Wang recently disclosed he believes his company will be the first one to ship Google Chrome OS on a netbook, as the company has tested the OS for several months.
Although unconfirmed reports previously indicated Microsoft's November wave of security patches may be the cause of the “black screen of death,” it turns out there is a separate cause of the problem.
Microsoft has confirmed its Office 2010 software suite will be released next June, with a Mac OS X version expected sometime after the Windows launch date.
It'll be a year until you can buy a netbook running Chrome OS, but developers have already figured out which present-day machines can handle Google's operating system.
Activision Blizzard proudly announced $3 billion in sales of its Call of Duty video game series over the past six years, with its most recent video game also setting sales records.
Since launching a few weeks ago, Microsoft Windows 7 has outsold other Windows operating systems by as much as two-to-one, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer noted during a Microsoft shareholder meeting.
Sony announced that it will introduce a new online service that offers access to movies, video games, e-books and other content content when the new site launches early next year.
Google has finally showed off a bit of its upcoming Chrome operating system, and it's just as minimal as expected.
IBM recently introduced a new Keepod device that has a full suite of IBM's Lotus Symphony office software, along with services from partners, directly on the custom drive.
In an effort to recruit more subscribers to its PicasaWeb storage services, today Google drastically cut prices for the cloud-based service while hoping to undercut competitors.
The recent debut of Microsoft Windows 7 has been deemed a success, as sales numbers compiled by the NPD Group indicates Windows 7 sales have crushed opening day sales of Windows Vista.
A settlement between Microsoft and European regulators is being challenged by three of the company's rivals in the Web browser market, after months of negotiations and compromises.
Car manufacturers looking to give drivers even more control of the features while driving are now rolling out additional in-car technology, such as MP3 support, GPS navigation, and other features that are becoming commonplace in new vehicles.
Microsoft Windows 7 has only been available a few days, but competitors are already calling out the new OS. Canonical, the publisher of the popular Ubuntu Linux OS, said it is ready to compete in "real head-to-head competition" with Windows 7.
Computers purchased from Microsoft's retail won't have any of the junk software you often find on new PCs.
Microsoft is looking into reports that some Windows 7 upgrades loop continuously upon installation, among other problems.