It's easy to get overexcited about the iPhone 4S' novel voice recognition software, Siri. After all, if any company can show off a new product based around old tech and still garner massive fanfare, it's Apple. The company demonstrated the new "electronic assistant" last week to hoots and hollers; talking with computers has been a geek pipe dream for years, if not decades. But no matter how you may ask, there are some things Siri just can't do - as evinced by a hilarious new Xtranormal video making the rounds today.
HP warns its customers to not downgrade their Windows 8 computers to Windows 7
Speaking at the 2011 LeWeb technology conference held in Paris this week, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt ruminated on the company's latest software, the increasing popularity of mobile platforms and how technology can help curb global atrocities (seriously). The talkative exec also made a big prediction about Google TV, and discussed how Android is leading the iPhone.
Peter van Hove, author of Isobuster has send an e-mail informing us that a new version of Isobuster has been released.
Creating ever-larger optical storage media is both a perpetual goal for technology researchers and an ardent desire of early adopters always eager for the latest and greatest devices. General Electric's Global Research branch revealed this week a "major breakthrough" which the company believes could impact future optical storage development - specifically, the implementation of micro-holographic technology in various consumer electronics.
Lodsys LLC has sent a warning to a handful of app developers whom it believes have infringed patents the company owns related to apps and in-app purchasing: stop, or else.
Andrew House took over as President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment just last year, but already has a hardware launch under his belt. Today, the company's latest handheld game system PS Vita hits European and U.S. shores, offering select games at a lower price when bought online. Despite certain titles not enjoying the digital discount, House believes PS Vita software pricing is "consumer friendly."
The rumors about Google creating their own Android tablet have been surfacing for a very long time. Now it seems the Wall Street Journal wants to stir the rumor pot again by insisting the company is readying an online store to allow them to sell their own Android tablet directly to consumers.
MATLAB is a high-performance technical-computing language. It combines calculation, visualization, and programming, into an easy-to-use environment where standard mathematical notation communicates problems and solutions. Uses usually include Math and Measurement, Creation of Algorithms, Simulation, Analysis, Graphics Science and Engineering, and...
A recent study by the NPD group shows that iTunes users would be willing to pay monthly subscription fees for an iTunes cloud service to make their media files more accessible.
China's decision to block web content it deems inappropriate or harmful has come under renewed U.S. scrutiny this week. According to Reuters, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu shirked off criticism that American sites were being treated unfairly. Instead, she framed the country's stance as fair and helpful to citizens.
The home game console industry has changed drastically over the past three decades. What began as harmless hobbyist escapism eventually bloomed into a multi-billion dollar industry. Where joysticks and pixels formerly sufficed, now motion controllers and innumerable polygons rendered in high-definition are the norm. And every five or six years the manufacturers behind it all release new systems that trump their predecessors. However, David Jaffe, creator of the hit PlayStation franchise "God of War," offered some interesting thoughts on where he sees the industry following the next round of console releases.
When MyCE last interviewed VoIP researcher and hacker Youness Alaoui, plenty was going on in the scene: George "GeoHot" Hotz was engaged in a bitter legal battle with Sony, PS3 firmware cracks seemed to hit as quickly as the firmware itself and outrage aimed at hackers over rampant online cheating peppered gaming forums. Much has changed in the months since, and much has stayed the same. We reached out once again to Alaoui to get his thoughts on new hacking group LulzSec, the Sony v. GeoHot settlement, DRM and his new "Humble Homebrew Collection" initiative.
The modern Internet has created a digital landscape that marketers thrive upon to collect personal data and web surfing habits in order to form more targeted money-making messages. While many people are struggling to keep their information private by refusing tracking cookies and “opting out” of Internet tracking, others are actually choosing to put even more of their habits in the public eye.
Microsoft is currently receiving many complaints on the Technet forums about the absence of Windows Media Center in the Windows 8 RTM editions and inability to purchase a key
Adobe has acknowledged that hackers have begun to exploit a critical zero-day vulnerability present in the company’s Flash player to target and steal sensitive data, primarily from organizations, according to a security bulletin issued by the company this week.