Microsoft is now attempting to start a new era with its Windows 7 operating system, in the company's best effort to erase bad memories of its Vista Windows OS.
Earlier rumors about Microsoft imitating Apple's retail store are reportedly spot on, except that Microsoft's locations will crank up the pizazz.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admits the typical PC sales boost may not happen after the release of Windows 7 later this month.
Microsoft Windows 8, which may be released in late 2012, will be a 128-bit OS.
Comcast attempts to crack down on botnet activity by alerting Internet subscribers.
Virtual CD 10 launch to launch with support for Blu-ray & HD DVD writer & media emulation, Windows 7 support and a completely new user interface.
The iPhone will still be the odd one out when Flash support comes to most major smartphone platforms.
Announcement of Cinemo software to be integrated in the next generation of in-car infotainment systems from Harman Becker.
Fengtao software has just released a beta version of its very well known and respected DVDFab, which supports, as a world’s first all-in-one, Blu ray rip, compress and burn.
Microsoft's new virus scanner aims for simplicity, but most importantly, it's free.
Adobe will introduce new features to its Flash Platform, with two cloud-based services expected to help further adoption of Flash.
Microsoft seems so impressed with Apple Store operations that the company is hiring away employees for its own retail stores.
Intel's hoping to see more applications designed specifically for netbooks, and has launched a program to help speed along the process.
A wave of netbooks running a new Linux distribution should be announced in a week or two, according to a director at Intel.
High school and university students will be able to purchase Microsoft Windows 7 for just $30.
Sonic will be back in 2010!