The expected return of the start menu in Windows Blue / Windows 8.1, appears to be a decision of Microsoft's upper management.
A free tool allows you to customize your Windows 8 installation and do the actual installation unattended...
Many online media services are set up to limit access according to which country you live in.  Hulu, for example, has been available for American viewers for many years, but they offer only very limited access in other countries. ...
The opensource video player VLC is not allowed to playback Blu-ray discs in France.
Smaller search engines specializing in torrents and video streaming have come under fire recently for promoting copyright infringement, but the major search engines have escaped most of the legal controversy until now.
DVDFab DVD Copy is a familiar name to most of us but how does the new version 9 measure up? Find out in this in depth review brought to you exclusively by Myce.
Recently, we reported how you could bring back the old Start menu in Windows 8 or at least mimic it, to use it  instead of the new Metro interface. But according to Microsoft expert Paul Thurrot this won't be...
I wonder if there are any Windows Vista fans, but if there are any, then their time is running out. Microsoft has announced that it will cease support for this Operating System. No new service packs will be developed...
It'd be nice to say Modern Warfare 3, the latest entry in the multimillion-selling Call of Duty franchise, has seen better days. But it really hasn't. Developer Infinity Ward has been fixing online problems since the title's November release with no end in sight. The latest round of drama comes at the hands of an unscrupulous few who are using some nasty tricks to gain an unfair advantage over innocent players.
Microsoft has issued an update to deal with the widespread Zeus trojan that has been preying on unsuspecting users, gaining access to bank accounts and other sensitive data. But instead of the accolades that normally accompany such updates, the company is being faced with customers and an industry that are asking, “What took so long?”
Shoppers will snatch up consumer electronics in droves this holiday season, but the small increase won't exactly shatter records. Market researcher IHS has dashed its high hopes of a 6.4 percent growth in CE revenue, adjusting its expectations to a much more modest 1.5 percent growth. A poor economy and lackluster TV sales were cited as key factors for the group's revised forecast.
Microsoft's new virus scanner aims for simplicity, but most importantly, it's free.
Critical Java security flaws remain even after the recent patch
In an announcement that means as much to consumers as it does content creators, Amazon is now allowing more writers to publish their work to the online Kindle bookstore via its Kindle Direct Publishing program and enjoy the same 70 percent royalty system offered in other countries. Considering the projected success of its upcoming Kindle Fire tablet, the move marks the company's latest attempt at globalizing its online marketplace.
Microsoft announced on Wednesday that more non-profit organizations are now privy to receiving free software donations - including Windows 7 and Office 2010 - from the company. Additionally, the amount of requests NPOs can make for available software is receiving a much-needed boost.
Microsoft has reported record revenues thanks to the sales of Windows 8.