Microsoft has told PC Pro that their decision to remove the start menu from Windows 8 is because people are hardly using it. According to a product manager of Microsoft they have gathered data through their Microsoft Experience Improvement Program and this data shows that people have adopted pinning applications on the task bar instead of using the start menu.
ZDnet editor Adrian Kingsley-Hughes has benchmarked Windows 8 RTM against Windows 7 and found some interesting results. While the general performance of Microsoft's latest OS isn't a big improvement over Windows 7, when it comes to transcoding of audio...
Creative developers are becoming more and more focused on connecting people and displaying the world in novel new ways. From a touchscreen map that stretches and contorts to map-editing software for aspiring cartographers, how we see the lay of the land is changing.
Pay no attention to reports that claim "widespread glitches" are affecting the newly-released PS Vita, said David Wilson, head of PR for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe - they're just not true.
Interested customers only have a couple of days left to purchase the Microsoft Windows 7 Family Pack before its pulled from store shelves. The promotion started on Oct. 3 in the United States and on Oct. 22 for international consumers.
Some of the top executives at Google took the stage in San Francisco this morning to host a live broadcast event where they unveiled the new Chrome Web Store and the Pilot Program for the companies highly-anticipated Chrome OS Netbooks.
What do the MMOs "EVE Online" and "League of Legends," video game news site The Escapist, DIY creation game "Minecraft" and the U.S. Senate have in common? They've all been attacked by Lulz Sec.The prolific group added the five to an ever-growing list of cyber conquests today - which, along with video game publisher Bethesda over the weekend, brings its weekly tally to six. It's only Tuesday.
Every time I install a new program or sign up for a website on my computer, I roll my eyes at the paragraphs of legalese contained in the End User License Agreement and think to myself, “Who the hell reads these things anyway?”
Pleasing everyone, especially with an operating system, is nearly impossible. Microsoft is trying anyway. The software giant has already claimed its upcoming Windows 8 OS will offer tons of usability options for both the PC old guard and folks running it on cutting-edge tablets. But what about people with disabilities? And aging workers whose keyboard skills aren't what they used to be?
Loyal Apple customers chomping at the bit for a next-gen iPad reveal or iTV demonstration: prepare to be disappointed. New scuttlebutt suggests the company's New York City media event this month will instead pull back the curtain on a new educational program.
MAFIAAFire made headlines in April when it skirted the law by redirecting traffic from ICE-seized domains to their replacement sites. "The Pirate Bay Dancing," a new add-on created by the same developers, takes a shot at recent court-ordered attempts to block the titular file-sharing site from customers' computer monitors.
Google is reportedly still working on an online music download service, but the latest details state that the internet giant wants the service to be tightly integrated with the Google search engine.
This week Google launches version 3.0 of its Android mobile operating system, code named Honeycomb. The company held a live event at their corporate headquarters in Mountain View, CA on Tuesday morning to celebrate the occasion and show off some of the new features that Android 3.0 has to offer.
The Internet/television hybrid service Google TV will see a European launch in 2012 according to Eric Schmidt, Google executive chairman. Schmidt added that revisions to the previously released U.S. model were forthcoming, and that a big announcement would be made "shortly."
Unsurprisingly, Ubisoft's latest attempt to stop piracy is causing problems for legitimate buyers of its games.