Google plans to introduce new social networking features into Gmail later this week, hoping to keep users logged into the popular e-mail service for longer periods of time.
Few can boast the dubious honor of being an unwitting participant in an Internet scam. Dick Craddock, who works for Microsoft's Hotmail team, can. The group program manager revealed how his personal information was purposefully integrated into phishing schemes.
Justin Angel has posted a method on the internet that allows you to you to get Windows 8 paid apps for free (we reported about it before) but also to get free in app purchases.
Most consumers know exactly what they’re getting into when purchasing a netbook, but some have purchased netbook models that seem to struggle to run Microsoft Windows well. The latest Linux-based OS to try to fill in as a Windows alternative is Jolicloud 1.0, a small, fast OS that is available for free.
McAfee has recently released its third quarter security report and the results are a bit surprising. The Intel owned company reports that malware targeting the Android platform is still on the rise. Android is solidly in the lead as the most targeted mobile platform.
A free PDF reader is an essential tool for any PC. PDFs can be accessed on any operating system and can be conveniently connected to an email address or website. If you are just looking to read PDFs, there's a...
There have been increasing cases of government censorship of the internet and throttling of supposedly high-speed connections by broadband providers recently, but it has been difficult for the victims of these actions to actually capture evidence that these things are occurring. Now, Google's Focused Research program aims to change that.
Most folks can probably name a handful of companies they dislike off the top of their heads, companies that have caused past grievances or present unhappiness. That's all well and good, but which one is bar-none the absolute worst? Now that's a different story.
The Electronic Privacy Information Center has filed an official complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding a privacy matter related to Google Buzz.
Windows 8 is about to launch itself into prerelease state. Yesterday, Microsoft President Steve Sinofsky posted a blog about the new operating system indicating that the prerelease version will be making its way to some folks “over the coming months.”