New CloneCD v4.0


CloneCD setup-icon
The first things that’s completely different from the previous CloneCD versions is the way it installs. There’s a new
setup-icon (as you can see on the right) and CloneCD now uses a customized install procedure.


The customized install procedure will be language dependant: so if you, like me, live in The Netherlands the installation
will be done in Dutch. In this (p)review I’ve used English for obvious reasons; most CD Freaks visitors people don’t
understand Dutch… Of course if CloneCD hasn’t been translated into your language yet the installation will be done in


When starting the setup-icon the install menu will appear. After a legal license agreement you can choose which files
you want to install. Our version is a beta version so the final version may contain more options:

CloneCD setup

As you can see CloneCD version will be installed on our computer. After pressing the ‘Next’ button you
can select a directory where CloneCD will be installed:

CloneCD install directory

You can now press the ‘Install’ button and CloneCD will be installed. If a previous CloneCD version is present on your
computer this version will first be uninstalled. The installation of the new version only takes a few seconds: a lot
faster than the previous CloneCD versions:


CloneCD installation completed

The setup screen can now be closed and CloneCD has been installed. Your computer might have to be restarted but
afterwards you will find a new desktop icon (if you didn’t unselect it during the setup options, see first screen),
the CloneCD Tray (except if you live in America or Japan where this option has been disabled due to legal restrictions)
and a new folder will have been created in your Windows Start menu:

CloneCD desktop icon

CloneCD tray icon

CloneCD Start menu group

As you can see Elaborate Bytes have changed some small things. The desktop icon now also has the ‘sheep’ look. The tray
icon has stayed the same and the Start menu group now only has a few options.