New CloneCD v4.0


Now that CloneCD has been installed we can start the program. A new CloneCD version has been born:

CloneCD main window

The first thing a ‘trained’ CloneCD user will immediately notice is the new default skin CloneCD uses. The lay-out has
remained the same:

  • Read to ImageFile
  • Write from ImageFile
  • Copy CD
  • Erase CD

Let’s check the version number:

CloneCD version number

The rest of the options have remained the same. The usual options can be found under File, Tools and Help. The CloneCD
LOG-window has also remained the same although now we can set two more options:

CloneCD LOG-window

Now let’s have a look at the new interface CloneCD uses to setup the reading and writing process. Use the menu
below to go to the next section. Our next step is the ‘Drive Setup’: